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Jungle freaks NFT

Jungle freaks NFT

Zombies Vs.

Gorillas’ upcoming game, Jungle Freaks: Fallout Freaks, is set to release next week on April 9th. This is the second installment in the popular zombie survival franchise, following the success of the original Jungle Freaks.

Andre Muller joins the team as the sole artist for the project; he brings his award-winning work to the table, having won multiple awards including Best Illustration at the 2016 Brazil Game Awards, and being nominated for Best Character Design at the 2017 Independent Games Festival.

Muller’s style is very unique, and fits perfectly into what the studio is trying to achieve with this game. He uses bold colors and sharp lines to depict the world around him, creating a unique look that is unlike anything else out there.

Andre Muller says about the new project:

“I am extremely excited to join the team behind ZvG! I’ve been working with them since the beginning of the project, and I’m confident that we’ll make something really special together. If Jungle Freaks Gen 1 represents a bridge from the past, bringing traditional hand-drawing to the NFT space,” Muller continues, “Gen 2 represents the future, where digital tools are used to bring our ideas to life.”

Over the weekend, there was a lot of discussion about the NFT project called Jungle Freaks. A few weeks ago, the team behind the project announced that they were planning to release a set of collectible figurines based on classic jungle animals. As part of the announcement, they shared some artwork that showed what the figurines might look like. One of those illustrations depicted a black man wearing a gorilla mask, holding a gun, pointing it at another black man.

The illustration sparked outrage among different communities, especially people of color. In response, the creators of the project took down the artworks from their site and apologized. They also stated that they are working on getting rid of the original designs that were used for the figurines.

In addition, the project’s developer, George Trosley, admitted that he drew the controversial pictures during his childhood. He added that he does not see anything wrong with his work and that he did not intend to cause offense. However, he also promised to take action against anyone who claims that he intended to offend.

Jungle freaks NFT

Jungle Freaks NFT has racism ties

Elijah Wood, aka Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings films, recently bought one of the NFTs produced by the artist known as Trosley. This NFT is called “The Jungle Freaks”, and it depicts a battle between human beings and genetically modified gorillas.

Wood, who owns six of the Jungle Freaks NFT, had to distance himself from the project after receiving criticism over his decision to buy the product. He wrote on Instagram that he had sold all six of the NFTs he owned and donated the proceeds to anti-racist initiatives.

Trosley’s work has been described as racist by many social media users. Some pointed out that Trosley once drew a picture of black men being lynched. Others noted that Trosley once portrayed a white man holding a gun to the head of a black child.

Reactions to Jungle Freak NFTs

George Trosley, better known as “Jungle Freak,” is one of the most controversial figures within the adult entertainment industry. He’s been accused of being involved in the creation of several pornographic films including Hustler magazine’s 1987 release, “The Adventures Of Buttman.” His work has been banned in multiple countries and he’s had numerous run ins with law enforcement over the years.

He’s also the creator of the popular NFT trading card game called “Jungle Freak.” While many people are happy to see him return to the porn world, others don’t think much of the idea. Many believe that the NFTs are just another way for him to profit off of the controversy surrounding his name. Others have expressed concern over the fact that there isn’t a clear disclaimer stating that the cards aren’t real.

Some fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts about the project. One person wrote, “I’m sorry you’re selling this, I didn’t know you’d do something like this. This is disgusting and wrong.” Another person added, “You’re making money off of my dad’s legacy and that makes me sick. Just stop.” And someone else simply asked, “Is this what you want?”

A new study published in the journal Nature suggests that the Earth may be entering an ice age. According to the report, scientists found evidence that the planet is cooling at a rate faster than ever before.

“We’ve never seen such rapid changes in climate in the last half million years,” said lead author Dr. David Rind, a geologist at the University of Cambridge. “It’s really quite extraordinary.”

Rind says that the findings suggest that the current warming trend could continue for decades or even centuries. If true, this would mean that we will likely experience more extreme weather events, droughts, floods, wildfires and other natural disasters.

“If we keep going down this path, then we’ll end up with a very different planet,” Rind told CNN.

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