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Bored Bunny NFT

Bored Bunny NFT

Zachbxt, a popular investigator into cryptocurrency scams, has uncovered information regarding a potential scam involving the Bored Bunny NTF Collection. In his report, he claims that the project is being promoted by multiple celebrities. He also reveals how the creators are trying to hide the fact that the project is a scam.

The project itself is a set of collectibles called NFTs that are designed to look like real art pieces. They are meant to resemble paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. Each piece is unique and contains an embedded code. The code allows the owner to interact with the artwork via a web browser. This interaction includes viewing stats, interacting with the artist, and even changing the price of the item.

According to Zachbxt, one of the most prominent promoters of the project is actor/director Kevin Hart. He is reportedly promoting the project on social media and through his YouTube channel. On Twitter, he posted several tweets advertising the project.

Another celebrity who is believed to be promoting the project is rapper/actor T.I., who tweeted out a link to the project on December 20th. He later deleted the tweet, but screenshots remained.

In addition to Hart and T.I., another well known name associated with the project is singer/songwriter Usher Raymond. He is supposedly responsible for creating the original concept for the project.

However, according to Zachbxt, Usher Raymond is not actually involved in the project. Instead, he is merely paid to promote it.

Other names involved include actors Chris Pratt, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, and others. However, Zachbxt says that none of those individuals are actually working on the project.

Bored Bunny NFT

The Bored Bunny slow rug pull

In December 2017, the Bored Bunny team announced a very ambitious project called the Bored Bunny Slow Rug Pull. The idea behind the project was to raise awareness about the dangers of cryptocurrency mining and to educate people about how the process works.

A total of 4000 Bored Bunny NFTs were being sold for 0.4 ETH each. The NFTs were supposed to be minted during the project period. However, the project turned out to be a scam.

When the project launched, there were no pre-orders, just a single sale of 1000 NFTs. The price per NFT was set at 0.4 ETH, which is equivalent to $1,500 USD.

However, the team failed to deliver the promised product. Instead, they posted a bunch of fake reviews on social media sites and tried to convince investors that the project had been successful.

They even went as far as claiming that the project had raised over $20 million USD.

Bored Bunny denies wrongdoing

The official Twitter account of Bored Bunny came out to deny accusations of misconduct, saying that the reason for the lack in communication was due to receiving numerous emails.

Primarily, the reason of his absence this last month was because he had been through a lot of emails, messages in private, and the team is now suggesting handing the project over to a Discord moderator, but the floor price has dropped to zero ETH on OpenSea. The team says it is not interested in selling the project at the moment.

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