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The NELK Boys are among the most popular collectives in the world. Their party videos have been viewed over 400 million times since 2013, and now they’re launching a blockchain-based card game called Full Send.

Full Send is a collectible card game where players compete against each other to send full-sized cards into space. Each player receives a deck of cards, and every card has a unique ID number.

Each card represents a different item, such as a rocket, satellite, launchpad, camera, or even a human being. When a player sends a card off into space, it becomes part of the universe. There are no winners or losers; it’s just about sending everything off into orbit.

The team behind Full Send is a group of friends who met while studying computer science together at university. They’ve been working on the project for the last three years, and they’re looking forward to seeing how people react to the game once it launches.

Here’s how you can get your hands on one of the NELK Boys’ Metacards.


How to get NELK Metacard NFT & costs

NELK’s Full Send metacard is now live on OpenSea. This is the second iteration of the NELK Metcad NFT, following the initial release last month. As we reported earlier today, the Full Send Metacart is the most expensive item ever launched on OpenSea. With the current price of 1.19 ETH (~US$3,230), it’s nearly three times the cost of the previous version.

The Full Send Metacard features all of the same functionality of the first version, but includes additional bonuses such as a custom holographic design, a unique serial number, and a full set of documentation explaining how to use the card. In addition to being the most expensive NFT ever offered on OpenSea, the Full Send Metcad is also the only NFT that requires a fee to purchase.

Although the Full Send Metacar NFT does require a fee, it’s still cheaper than purchasing the product directly from NELK. For example, the NELK Metcard NFT is priced at 0.08 ETH (~US$217). To make matters worse, the Full Send Metcard NFT isn’t even available for sale on NELK’s website. Instead, it’s only available via OpenSea, where it sells for a whopping 1.19 ETH (~USD $3,230).

For those looking to obtain the Full Send Metacards, here’s what you need to know about buying them on OpenSea:

1. Buy the Full Send Metacarts on OpenSea

Once there, select “Full Send Metacard” under the “Type:” dropdown menu. Enter the amount of Ether you’d like to spend, and press “Buy.”

2. Wait for the transaction to complete

After clicking “Confirm,” wait until the transaction completes before proceeding with step 3.

3. Add the Full Send Metacard to your wallet

Open up your Ethereum Wallet app (or any other wallet) and navigate to the “My Wallets” tab. Click “+ New Address” and enter the address displayed after completing the transaction.

Full Send Metacard NFT uses

The NELK boys are creating a full send metacard NFT, which is a collectible token that represents ownership of a product, service, or experience. As a company, the FULL SELL goal is to launch more full send branded ventures, which include lounge, gyms, festivals casino, restaurants, etc. Full send is going international. Owning a full send metacards allows you to get in earl y on what is the beginning ot a long journey for the full send brand.


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