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How to Start Casino Heist

GTA Online: Diamond Casino Heist – this is how the theft works

With the “Diamond Casino Heist” you have a really tough nut to crack in GTA Online. Our guide tells you what to expect in the most difficult heist in the game so far.

This guide to the “Diamond Casino Heist” in GTA Online tells you:

  • What requirements you have to meet for the heist
  • Which phases await you in the Heist
  • How much money you can make with the heist

In the “Diamond Casino Heist” you undertake a robbery on the most secured building in Los Santos so far. Ideally, you’ll already have completed all of the GTA Online Diamond Casino update missions to understand the Heist’s backstory, but it’s not a requirement.

How do I start the Diamond Casino Heist?

After you get a message from Lester asking you to meet up, head to the meeting point marked “L”. There Lester explains his plan and tells you that you first have to set up a camouflage business for the planned raid.

To do this, visit the Maze Bank Foreclosures site on the PC and purchase an empty arcade (“Arcade” tab). Stay away from buildings far outside of Los Santos (like Paleto Bay or Grapeseed), instead buying property downtown to reduce future travel times to and from the casino within missions.

This is how much the different buildings cost you:

  • Pixel Pete’s (Paleto Bay): GTA$1,235.00
  • Wonderama (Grapeseed): GTA$1,565,000
  • Videogeddon (La Mesa): GTA$1,875,000
  • Warehouse (Davis): GTA$2,135,000
  • Insert Coin (Rockford Hills): GTA$2,345,000
  • Eight-Bit (Vinewood): GTA$2,530,000

After purchasing it, drive to your new arcade and start the (simple) start mission on the laptop in the office of the building, during which you pick up a vehicle with equipment and transfer it to the arcade.

Other equipment for the arcade:

  • Master Control Terminal: GTA$1,740.00
  • Drone Station: GTA$1,460.00

In order to make everyday criminal life easier for you, you buy two upgrades for the arcade (in addition to changing the furnishings). With the Master Control terminal , you control all previously acquired criminal businesses (CEO businesses, biker businesses, nightclubs, bunkers) at a single terminal in the basement.

This is especially worthwhile for experienced players with a lot of criminal activities and for people who want to save a lot of travel on acquisition missions outside of the heist preparation. The drone station is the same as the drone station in Terrorbyte, but allows three other players to use it.

So that your camouflage business looks authentic and you earn a few dollars passively at the same time, you equip your arcade with twelve different slot machines on which you can also play a round:

  • Monkey’s Paradise: GTA$90,000
  • Penetrator: GTA$101,500
  • Defender of Faith: GTA$152,500
  • Invade and Persuade 2: GTA$245,000
  • The Love Professor: GTA$261,000
  • Shiny Wasabi Kitty: GTA$295,000
  • Madam Nazar: GTA$315,000
  • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad: GTA$360,000
  • Badlands Revenge 2: GTA$362,500
  • Race and Chase: Get Truckin’: GTA$369,500
  • Race and Chase: Crotch Rockets: GTA$385,000
  • Race and Chase: Street Legal: GTA$410,000
  • The Wizard’s Ruin: GTA$420,000

Once your arcade is set up, you can use the whiteboards to plan the various phases of the Diamond Casino Heist. You can access the planning room via the Madame Nazar fortune teller machine in your office. If you’ve already run out of cash, take a look at our current guide with tips for making money in GTA Online !

How does the Diamond Casino Heist work?

On the whiteboards you plan the different phases of the upcoming robbery. First you have to scout out the casino and the existing security measures such as cameras, security guards and doors secured with keypads during a reconnaissance mission . Use your smartphone to take a photo of each point and send it to Lester.

You will discover six different access points to the casino. There are also ten additional points of interest, five of which are in the casino and another five in the safe area. If you missed points, you can always repeat the casino recon mission. However , you can only complete the reconnaissance mission in the vault area once per Heist run.

It is important that you find all six access points, as they will unlock additional options for the heist. The “Points of Interest” are optional and provide minimal bonuses as the heist progresses. On the first whiteboard you buy additional extras such as a casino model with highlighted access points (GTA$130,000), a keypad or the vault door. With the latter, you can also practice the associated minigame outside of the heist.

Now you choose how to proceed with your robbery: Will you quietly enter the casino? Do you prefer to use deception for a big scam and disguise yourself as a maintenance worker or pest exterminator? Or do you act aggressively and brutally shoot your way into the interior of the casino?

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