What is the value of casino chips?

What is the value of casino chips in Mexico?

value of poker chips

Casino chips in Mexico and the basic principles by which they are assigned by suit. Once you know the chip color values, you can become a more experienced player to win lots of casino chips and exchange them for cash.

Casino chips in Mexico by color

Mexico is a paradise for gambling and casino activities. For example the Hideaway near the airport terminal in Cancun and this is part of the Royalton Riviera Cancun complex.

It is considered the best casino in Cancun, Mexico. And Diamonds Casino is one of the largest casinos in town.

Chips are like cash in casinos and poker games around the world.

It doesn’t matter if you play at Winpot Casino, Casino Golden Lion Mexicali, Casino Caliente, Ocean Riviera Paradise, Barcelo Maya Tropical or any other casino, there are certain similarities in chip colors.

Colors of poker chips in casino

In any casino, even a virtual one, the color of the chip indicates its face value. The most common denominations are the same colors in most gambling rooms, although you will find some differences from place to place.

White casino chips

Value: 1 dollar

The color of the token with the lowest value in conventional circulation is white.

You will often see them in low risk poker games, there is also light blue as a color variant which represents $1 in some casinos.

It is very useful to keep some white chips so you can easily tip the dealer or the waitress.

Pink casino chip

Value: $2.50 dollars

You’ll likely find these chips floating around the casino, but there may not be a poker table in the facility that uses them.

Its most common use is at the blackjack tables when someone rolls a natural 21 and therefore wins a 3:2 reward. People betting $15 get $22.50, and a $25 bet wins a $37.50 payout, so there’s a demand for pink chips in this casino table game.

Red casino chips

Value: $5 dollars

A staple in casinos and home games everywhere, the $5 chip is almost always red.

So a red shelf is $500, more than enough to buy and reload a few times at a $1/$2 No Limit or $4/$8 Limit table.

Green casino chip

Value: $25 dollars


It’s fairly rare to find a color other than green for the $25 chip in a casino, but some cheap home poker games only have white, red, and blue chips. Traditionally, the blue chip is the one with the highest value, so it’s sometimes worth $25

Black casino chips

Value: $100 dollars

If you’re lucky enough to collect a stack of black chips, chances are you’ve had a good night at the tables or are playing for fairly high stakes.

Almost everyone knows that a black casino chip is worth $100, although there are some casinos that use $100 white chips instead.

Unusual colors of pokar tokens

There are many other non-standard chip colors found specifically for low values, such as B. $2, $3, $10 and even some sub-dollar amounts. Their nuances vary widely, except that $10 blue chips are fairly common.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are high-denomination chips that most players are unlikely to use. There are also many differences in coloring, but the following seems to be somewhat standard:

  • Purple…………………$500
  • Yellow or Orange…$1,000
  • Brown or Gray…………$5,000

Most gambling establishments try to use the above color scheme. The colors chosen are very convenient for the dealers themselves, dealers, cashiers, casino employees, as well as for the guards who monitor bets with cameras installed around the gaming room.

Characteristics of a casino chip

Casino chips are somewhat standardized, but actually the value of poker chips differs from one casino to another.

For example, the general consensus is that casino chips need to weigh 11.5 grams to be official, but that’s really a myth. In fact, poker chips at some casinos weigh between 8.5 grams and 10.6 grams.

All casinos have stamps or marks indicating where they are from. It helps to think of this as a currency as this is the accepted money on this earth.

Some casinos will charge players for “foreign” chips, although there may be limitations, especially if the casinos are owned by the same operators.

How are poker chips made?

Although professional casino chips are often referred to as “clay” chips, they actually contain other ingredients to help them last longer.

Once the mixture of different colored fabrics is properly arranged to denote the poker chip in question, the chip is heated and pressurized.

All graphics and printed text appearing on the token are applied before the print is built. This means they stick to the chip so that they cannot be changed or replaced later without permission.

Each casino orders their own branded chips with different properties to reduce the possibility of counterfeiting. Some even go so far as to insert RFID tags into their chips.


These colors are considered the world standard and allow you to know the value of casino chips, so every more or less experienced player should know them, since this is the value of poker chips.

Most casinos paint the gaming tables the same color as the chips played at that table, indicating the minimum bet size.

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