Gambling has become an integral part of our society. The industry has undergone massive change over the past few decades. From online casinos like the EuroGrand Casino to digital live games to classic bets at the bookmaker. There is a lot to experience.

Betting and gambling were popular with the ancient Greeks. Not only for the normal people, but also for the nobility and also for the gods, it was assumed that luck was often put to the test. So it’s no wonder that our celebrities and celebrities also like it nowadays. Some even a bit too much if the casinos have their way.

Celebrities with casino ban

One of the best-known cases is probably Ben Affleck . He got a blackjack ban because he was caught counting cards . He is also often said to not be able to control his gambling addiction.

Lil Wayne started his career as a musician at the incredible age of 9. Over the years he has released several world-renowned albums and has earned over $150 million from his hits. However, that didn’t save him from being banned from Wynn Las Vegas Casino in 2010. The reason was not officially disclosed. However, speculation says it was due to his parole conditions at the time.

One of the most interesting cases is the good Paris Hilton. Yes, Paris has also been to the casino, didn’t you know? It’s been over a decade, but our Paris 2006 was banned from the casino. It has to be said that her grandfather had a great influence on the decision. He didn’t want her to become addicted to gambling. Then, after losing over $200,000 in a single bet, it was probably a smart decision.

Casinos are also very well known in the sports world. Many athletes are the face of big playhouses. But some athletes are not only the face of the casino, but also guests. So does 11-time NBA All-Star Allen Iverson . At the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (formerly known as Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal), the casino made a mistake when Allen visited.

You mistakenly paid him 10,000 on a bet he didn’t win. Allen decided against reporting the bug and was subsequently kicked out of the casino. In fact, that wasn’t the only time. He was also kicked out of Detroit Greektown and MGM. There, however, due to immoral behavior such as throwing chips at dealers. A good example of how not to behave in a casino. No matter who you are or what you do for a living.

But you can’t get kicked out of the casino just for misbehaving. Dana White , founder of the UFC (largest mixed martial arts event in the world) proved just that in 2012. He was usually a welcome guest in Las Vegas as he regularly brought tens of thousands of people and lots of revenue through the sporting events. So why did you ban him if he didn’t do anything wrong and brought in a lot of sales?

Well, he was good at blackjack. Not just good, but very good. He was playing at $25,000 per hand with an above average win rate. The highlight was when he stole millions of dollars from the casino in one night. As a result, the casino decided to halve its limit and limit its bets to a maximum of $5,000.