President-elect Donald Trump made a lot of insane promises to his supporters because he knew it would rile up all the hate that was too afraid to be voiced before they’d found their bigot leader. Some of these promises included building a wall to keep out Mexican immigrants, banning Muslims from coming into the United States, punishing women for having abortions, getting rid of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) and many more.

And of course, because Trump is actually a reality television star that has no real understanding of how the government (or the world) works, he’s already had to backtrack several of the things he told his moronic minions. Just a few days after winning the election, he’s already had to tell his fans that he won’t really be getting rid of Obamacare completely. You can only imagine how furious his rabid supporters are about that. More recently, Trump walked back his comments about “ripping up” the historic nuclear peace treaty President Barack Obama had created with the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Seriously, Trump is trolling his own supporters right now – and it’s only because of his own stupidity. In an interview with BBC, Trump advisor Walid Phares announced this change of heart:

“Ripping up is maybe a too strong of word, he’s gonna take that agreement, it’s been done before in international context, and then review it. He will take the agreement, review it, send it to Congress, demand from the Iranians to restore a few issues or change a few issues, and there will be a discussion.”

So…just to clarify. Trump had once called this nuclear peace treaty “the worst deal ever negotiated” and a “disaster” – but now there are only “a few issues” with it? Either Trump’s flip-flopping is a marker of his insanity, or someone just told him that he can’t just do away with major international deals whenever he feels like it. Or perhaps Trump actually noticed that Obama’s treaty has helped keep America safe, protecting us from potential nuclear weapons. Either way, his supporters are NOT going to be happy with how his presidency is starting to look.

It hasn’t even been a week after Trump won the election, but already his presidency is looking far different from what his supporters thought it would be. It is his own fault, but he’s riled up so much hate in this country that they might just turn on him if they don’t get their way.