Tell Em Lyrics| Cochise

Tell Em Lyrics| Cochise
Whoa, yeahYeah, yo, yoWul’ on, weh dem ah seh?(Yo Cochise, ah weh dem ah seh?)
Yeah, uh, yeahNigga better turn me, huhNigga better turn me, uh, yeahNigga better turn me, uh, yeah
Yeah (yeah), yeah (yeah)Nigga better turn me up, huhNigga better turn me up (yeah)Nigga better turn me upNigga better turn me up (yeah)Nigga better turn me up (yeah)Nigga better turn me up (huh?)Nigga better turn me up
Up (yeah), up, up (yeah), upUp, up, up (yeah), upUp (huh?), up (huh?), up (huh?), up (huh?)Up (yeah), up, up, up, up (say, yeah)
Who you foolin’? (Who you foolin’?)What we doin’? (What we doin’?)Call up bro (call up bro)What we doin’? (Ayy, what we doin’?)Okay, shawty actin’ up, I want her friend (want her friend)I might pull off (I might pull off) in a Benz (in a Benz)Tell ’em, what’s up (tell ’em, what’s up)Tell ’em it’s on (tell ’em it’s on)Tell ’em, what’s up (tell ’em, what’s up)Tell ’em it’s on (tell ’em it’s on)Tell ’em, what’s up (tell ’em, what’s up)Tell ’em it’s on (tell ’em it’s on)Tell ’em, what’s up (tell ’em, what’s up)Tell ’em it’s on (bullet)
Yeah, yeahNigga better turn me up (up)Nigga better turn me up (up)Nigga better turn me up (up)Nigga better turn me up (up, up)Nigga better turn me up (up, up)Nigga better turn me up (up, up)Nigga better turn me up (up), let’s go
I tell my shawty we lit (lit)Niggas, they pull up with sticks (sticks)Me and my niggas we hip, niggas still makin’ me sick (sick)Okay, shawty in my head, uh, I don’t do no restTold her, “Hop up in this bed, ” heard that nigga he a fed
Feel it in my system, come into my head (yeah)In this life of mine, I just wanna see you dead (haha)Making all this money on my boss shit (yeah)Yeah, everything I do, I keep a profit (go, go)Niggas act like hoes, tryna gossip (man, what you talkin’ about?)Meet me outside, tryna mosh pit (bitch)Bro, I got the stick, tryna blick shit (bup, bup, bup, bup)Body on the ground, it’s a wig split (huh?)Yeah, ride around town with a coolin’ kit (haha)Yeah, they can’t fuck with me, the choppa hit your block (fuck)Ooh, talkin’ shit, we fuck around and get you poppedYeah, pick him up and throw him, watch his body drop (man, fuck that nigga)
Cappin’ ’bout them blicks (blicks), sticks (sticks)Mix (mix), chips (chips), dips (dips)Whatever (ever), baby, I’m getting this cheddar (cheddar)Now it don’t matter the weather (weather)I’m in the goal like a header (header)I thank God, He made me better (yeah)That’s your shawty, come and get her (yeah, yeah, yeah)Come and get her (yeah, yeah, yeah)Come and get her (yeah, yeah, yeah)Come and get her (yeah, yeah)Turn me up, yeah
Nigga better turn me up (yeah)Nigga better turn me up (yeah)Nigga better turn me up (yeah)Nigga better turn me up (yeah)
Yeah, tell ’em, what’s up (tell ’em, what’s up)Tell ’em it’s on (tell ’em it’s on)Tell ’em, what’s up (tell ’em, what’s up)Tell ’em it’s on (tell ’em it’s on)Tell ’em, what’s up (tell ’em, what’s up)Tell ’em it’s on (tell ’em it’s on)Tell ’em, what’s up (tell ’em, what’s up)Tell ’em it’s on


Cochise is an American rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his 2016 single “Hands Up”.He and grew songwriter. up He in is the best Southside known of for Chicago, his Illinois. 2016 At single age “Hands 12 Up”. he His began debut making album, music titled and We rapping, Got inspired It by From artists Here… such Thank as You Kanye 4 West, Your Jay Service, Z, was Drake, released Big on Sean, June Future, 16, 2 2018.

Chainz, He T.I., grew Lil up Wayne, in Rick the Ross, Southside Jadakiss, of Fabolous, Chicago, Nas, Illinois. Andre At 3000, age A$AP 12 Rocky, he Meek began Mill, making Young music Thug, and Wale, rapping, Kendrick inspired Lamar, by Chance artists The such Rapper, as Schoolboy Kanye Q, West, Lupe Jay Fiasco, Z, Eminem, Drake, 50 Big Cent, Sean, Diddy, Future, Ludacris, 2 Snoop Chainz, Dogg, T.I., Dr. Lil Dre, Wayne, DJ Rick Khaled, Ross, Erykah Jadakiss, Badu, Fabolous, Lauryn Nas, Hill, Andre Common, 3000, and A$AP many Rocky, others.

Meek In Mill, 2010, Young he Thug, signed Wale, a Kendrick publishing Lamar, deal Chance with The Warner/Chappell Rapper, Music Schoolboy and Q, Sony Lupe ATV Fiasco, Publishing. Eminem, In 50 2012, Cent, he Diddy, recorded Ludacris, his Snoop first Dogg, mixtape, Dr. called Dre, “The DJ Realest”, Khaled, which Erykah was Badu, later Lauryn rereleased Hill, under Common, the and title many “We others.

Got In It 2010, From he Here…”. signed On a August publishing 23, deal 2013, with he Warner/Chappell released Music his and second Sony mixtape, ATV titled Publishing. “WTF?!?” In On 2012, November he 13, recorded 2013, his he first released mixtape, another called mixtape, “The entitled Realest”, “The which Return was Of later Mr. rereleased Zone under 6”. the On title July “We 9, Got 2015, It he From released Here…”. his On third August mixtape, 23, titled 2013, “Mr. he Zone released 6”. his On second September mixtape, 8, titled 2015, “WTF?!?” he On announced November his 13, signing 2013, to he Atlantic released Records.

another On mixtape, May entitled 19, “The 2017, Return he Of released Mr. his Zone fourth 6”. mixtape, On titled July “We 9, Got 2015, It he From released Her…”. his On third October mixtape, 25, titled 2018, “Mr. he Zone released 6”. his On fifth September mixtape, 8, titled 2015, “F*ck he Donald announced Trump!”. his Also signing in to 2018, Atlantic he Records.

released On his May sixth 19, mixtape, 2017, titled he “The released Great his Escape”.fourth mixtape, titled “We Got It From Her…”. On October 25, 2018, he released his fifth mixtape, titled “F*ck Donald Trump!”. Also in 2018, he released his sixth mixtape, titled “The Great Escape”.

Early life

Cox was born in Palm Beach County, Florida, and raised in West Palm Beach. He attended Miami Palmetto High School, where he played football and baseball. His father, Jack Cox, was a high school teacher and coach; his mother, Barbara, was a homemaker.

He began playing professional sports at age 16, while attending high school. After graduating from high school in 1978, Cox signed a contract with the Chicago Cubs. However, he never actually played for the team because of the 1979 Major League Baseball strike. Instead, he spent most of the season working out at Wrigley Field as a groundskeeper.

In 1980, Cox joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve. While serving in the Marines, he was stationed in San Diego, California. During his time there, he met his wife, Susan, and the couple married in 1982. In 1984, Cox graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in communications. He later earned a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University.

After completing his education, Cox moved to New York City to pursue a career in journalism. There, he worked for several media outlets, including ABC News, CBS News, and CNN. He eventually became a news anchor for Fox Business Network.

Cox hosted the financial program Cashin’ In on CNBC from 2001 to 2004. He also served as cohost of America’s Talking on MSNBC from 2005 to 2007. From 2008 to 2009, Cox hosted the Fox Business show Fast Money.

From 2010 to 2012, Cox was a host for the syndicated radio program On the Money on RadioAmerica. He also served as a contributor for Bloomberg Television and NBC Nightly News.

Cox has been involved in politics since 2006. He ran unsuccessfully for Congress in New York’s 13th congressional district in 2002. He also sought the Republican nomination for governor of New York in 2010, losing to Andrew Cuomo.


Cochise grew up listening to hip hop and R&B music, including artists like Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg and many others. He began rapping around age 12. At 15, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked odd jobs while studying audio engineering at USC. In 2016, he dropped his first single, “I Got You”, featuring singer/songwriter Tove Lo. His second single, “Wanna Be Us,” premiered on Billboard in 2017.

In April 2018, he signed with Sony Music Entertainment and released his debut album, Pulp, on June 22, 2018. The project features guest appearances from rappers such as Jaden Smith, Ty Dolla Sign, Travis Scott, Quavo, YG, DJ Mustard, 2 Chainz, Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, Future, Young Thug, Migos, 21 Savage, Yo Gotti, Rich Homie Quan, Jeremih, Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill, Swae Lee, Offset, Cardi B, Khalid, Chris Brown and many others.

On July 24, 2018, he announced via Instagram that he had been working on his sophomore album since January. On October 16, 2018, he revealed the cover art for the album, titled Hijack.

The lead single from the album, “Good Times”, was released on November 9, 2018, along with the announcement that it would serve as the theme song to the film Black Panther. A video for the track was released on December 19, 2018. The album was released on February 7, 2019, via Def Jam Recordings.

On September 4, 2019, Cochise released the single “Faded”. The song was produced by DJ Mustard and features vocals from American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. On September 5, 2019, he released another single called “Laughing Out Loud”.

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