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NFL Salaries and Earnings of American Football Players 2021/2022

NFL Salaries and Earnings of American Football Players 2021/2022

That’s how much NFL pros really make

American football and especially the NFL (National Football League) inspires millions of people. The league is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe and enjoys great TV ratings. No wonder the superstars of the 32 NFL teams collect unbelievable salaries and have quickly built up large fortunes. In principle, every US sports team is subject to the so-called salary cap , which regulates the total salary per team and may not be exceeded. In 2021, the salary cap in the NFL is $182.5 million. The highest paid players tend to be the quarterbacks as they also have the most responsibility in the game. Long snapper, punter and kicker are among the “lower” paying positions.Season’s top earner: Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys QB) , due to a signing bonus.

NFL salaries 2021/2022:

These players make the most money in the 2021-2022 NFL season. The values ​​number the annual salary + bonus payments, i.e. the actual amount that is paid out to a player in cash. A contract in the NFL is very complex and stretches over several years. Anyone who was the top earner in a year due to contract bonuses can be at the bottom again in the next season.

Playoff Salaries:

In the playoffs, the football players no longer draw their salaries from the franchises (NFL teams) themselves, but the NFL writes the checks. For most players on the 12 teams in the playoffs, these salaries seemed ridiculous, but for rookies, the playoffs are also financially rewarding.

  • Wild Card Round: $33,000 for division winners, $30,000 for non-division winning teams
  • Divisional Round: $33,000
  • Conference Championship: $59,000

Super Bowl Salaries:

In the 55th Super Bowl 2021 (LV), each player on the winning team received $150,000 + the coveted Super Bowl rings. Each player on the losing team will receive $75,000 as a consolation prize for taking part in the world’s greatest sporting event.

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