Laboratory Lyrics – Dville Santa

Dville Santa
MmmHere they go with this metronome broOh my God
Yabadee boobeedee baba dooboop (booboop)A shoobee daba dooboo (dooboo)Liyaba daba dooboop (bow)Bdooboodooboop badabadoobadooboop (yuh)YabadabaYaba dabap yababadaba (what, oohoo)AyabadabaYaba dababadaba (alright)It’s off the top for real, all this off the top (I feel, I feel, I feel)
I said (he’s a genius)Womba dombaShamba damba (shamba damba)Shamba da mamba damba gamba (damba gamba)Yama da llama llama chgamba gamba (voice crackin’)Yaboo (cracka lackin’)Soobelooboop babalooboop glabaloogoop (oohoo)
Yaga wagourt (wagourt)Yaga damaga labaga bargourt (bargourt)Shaga damaga dagaba gargourt (mmm)Yooboop (ooh)Shabadaba, yoobadaba dooboop (mmm)Shabadaba, deeboop? (Hmm)Shabadaba gooba like a meeboop (meeboop)
Labo laboLabo dababo glabo gluglug guhglable lable (ooh, tongue twister)Like gaba gabaYaba dasabadaba yoobabababa (blaow!)MoosayAbalaba dooba, cadoosay (cadoosay)
Metamorphosis aporphis of morkle laborth laba gorbalib (laboratory)Yama nama dooYama namama, llama gamagoot (gamagoom)An amba beebop (gama juice)Yaba dababada when da beat drop (beat drop)
Ayabadaba doobopAyabada babada wadawoowopA woowa dasoowa damala woowopA loowa ahsoowa lamama noowop
Ayabadaba doodooShamanama gowilla famana mama soosooSa so swee, samasa sasamoreA yamanama namanamaA llama llama llama llamaI’m a llama you a llamaLlama looma llama llama

Who is Dville Santa

section of Dville Santa’s ‘Laboratory’ music video – TikTok”

The music video for DVILLE SANTA’s “Laboratory” was uploaded onto TikTok in May 2021. In it, we see a cartoon version of the rapper singing about his life, including how he got into rap, what inspired him to make music, and how he became famous. The song itself features a beat produced by DJ Khaled and is accompanied by a catchy hook.

In addition to the video being posted on TikTok, the track was included in the singer’s debut album, “Like A Meebo.” He shared the full project on Soundcloud in June 2020.

– A New Song From TikTok Star Dville Santa Featuring The Sims & More

On April 29th, TikToker and musician/rapper Dville Santa (@dvillesanta) posted a video dubbing to an original song composed of nonsensical lyrics, somewhat reminiscent of the language used by characters in the popular game franchise The Sims. The video garnered over 1.2 million plays within 24 hours.

The next day, Dville tweeted out another remix of the song, asking whether he should release it and tagging YouTube star TikToker. In response, TikToker posted a link to the full version of the track, asking fans to check it out. The following day, the full version of the tune was uploaded to SoundCloud.

The song, entitled “Origin,” features vocals by both artists, along with additional vocals by Dville’s mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, nephew, niece, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather, great-grandmother, and dog.

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