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Herbert Diess

Herbert Diess: Assets of the manager

Million Euros
Million Euros
Date of birth October 24, 1958 (63 years old)
Born in Munich, Germany
nationality Austria
Marital status married to Irene Diess
profession Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Škoda Auto, Seat & Audi, Member of the Supervisory Board of FC Bayern Munchen AG
children 3

Herbert Diess is how rich?

He was born in Munich in 1958 and is an Austrian manager. Mr. Volkswagen was appointed CEO in April 2018 by the German government. Besides being the CEO of Volkswagen, he is also the chairman of several supervisory boards. A successful career began while studying automotive engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. He currently serves on the executive boards of skoda Auto, Seat and Audi as well as the FC Bayern Munchen AG supervisory board. It was at this time that he began to build his management career and activities. DAX, the German stock market index, has ranked him the top earner in recent years. The estimated net worth of Herbert Diess is 65 million euros.

Research and academic education

The University of Applied Sciences in Munich invited Herbert Diess to start studying there at the age of 19. Herbert Diess earned a preliminary diploma in automotive engineering at the university. After completing his education at the Technical University of Munich, the talented manager decided to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. The talented manager has been an engineer since 1983. As soon as he became an assistant, he began working at the Bavarian Technical University. He worked there for five years at the Institute for Machine Tools and Management Sciences. His doctoral thesis dealt with the automation of assembly processes, and he received his doctorate in 1987. His university’s assembly automation department has also been under his leadership since 1988.

Careers in Entrepreneurship

Herbert Diess had been working as a scientist at the Technical University of Munich for five years before switching to business. Within the traditional German group Bosch GmbH, he spent the first seven years of his career. A Bosch plant in Spain hired him in 1990 as planning and maintenance manager. He also became the plant’s technical manager in 1993. BMW hired him in 1996. He was responsible for managing various production units and business lines. His first assignment was to oversee purchasing and suppliers in BMW AG’s Board of Management in 2007. He moved into development in 2012.

Volkswagen AG under Herbert Diess

Volkswagen AG announced Herbert Diess’ move at the end of 2014. Winterkorn was still the CEO of VW at that time, and in a few months we learned that Volkswagen had thousands of times manipulated emissions tests on diesel cars. Winterkorn lost his job as a result. After joining VW, Diess was asked to become the manager of the Volkswagen passenger car brand. Introducing Volkswagen AG to electromobility at an early stage was Herbert Diess’s major contribution as an advocate for this technology.

Herbert Diess was appointed head of Volkswagen AG in April 2018 – an important milestone in his career so far. Herbert Diess had more power than any other VW executive except Ferdinand Piech. In order to gain more freedom and focus as CEO, he relinquished control of VW’s core brand in 2020. He was named CEOWORLD magazine’s CEO of the year in 2018. Diess was cited here as one of the world’s best CEOs.

DAX manager with the highest salary

Herbert Diess is now one of Germany’s highest-paid executives after ascending to the top of Volkswagen. As a result of a fixed salary, pension benefits, bonuses, and variable remuneration, he received almost 8.5 million euros in his first year as president. It will increase further in 2019. The management of a DAX company with the highest income was Herbert Diess, who earned 9.9 million euros per year as a salary. Volkswagen’s Munich native stayed just below its own self-imposed speed limit. The previous year, those in charge allowed a maximum of 10 million euros per year for the CEO.

The positions on the supervisory board

In addition to serving as Chairman of the Board of Management at Volkswagen AG, Herbert Diess serves on the Supervisory Boards of Skoda, Audi, and Seat, which are all part of the Volkswagen Group. The FC Bayern München AG also pays him a corresponding amount as he is a member of its supervisory board. This would continue to make the manager richer.

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