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Golden State Warriors Salaries 2021/2022

NBA Salaries and Earnings of US Basketball Players 2021/2022

That’s how much NBA pros really make

Basketball sport and especially the US super league NBA (National Basketball League) inspires millions of people. The league is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe and enjoys great TV ratings. No wonder the superstars of the 30 NBA teams collect unbelievable salaries and have quickly built up large fortunes. On average, the NBA is the highest-paid sports league, surpassing even the NFL . In principle, every US team is subject to the so-called salary cap , which regulates the total salary per team and may not be exceeded. In 2021, the salary cap in the NBA is $112,414,000 million / luxury tax is $136,606,000 . Top earner this year: Stephen Curry

Salary cap in US sports NFL / NBA / NHL / MLS

The salaries of top athletes are always part of the public debate in Germany. Especially when it comes to the astronomical sums that clubs like FC Bayern , Manchester City or Paris St. Germain can pay their players, there is talk of unequal conditions. After all, in these sports, economic strength often decides on the medium and long-term standing of a club. In these debates in particular, reference is often made to US sport. There the teams operate with a salary cap, the so-called “salary cap” . But what exactly is that? How does it look like? And what are the effects on the different sports?

The principle of the salary cap is common in all major American professional leagues. The thought behind it: Even if teams do not have high income due to income from sponsors, spectators or reach, the sporting performance should not be influenced in the long term. This means that all teams in a league are in principle allowed to spend the same amount on the salaries of their players. This prevents, for example, that all the big star players in a sport cavort in a team and thus develop too great a long-term dominance.

An example to illustrate the principle: The league stipulates that a total of 150 million dollars can be spent on all players in the roster. It is now up to the teams to decide how to allocate this sum. In theory, they could pay three star players a combined salary of $100 million. But then they have to make do with $50 million for the rest of their squad. That would make them unattractive for many other players, who of course also want to achieve the highest possible salary. Accordingly, it is unlikely that there will be more than two top earners in a team.

The upper salary limit is thus another consistent part of the attempt to prevent, by means of such regulations, that only one team is ever successful. The situation is similar with the draft, in which the young players are recruited. The weakest teams of the past season have the right to sign the best talent from US colleges.

In general, however, the salary cap should not only ensure sporting parity. They are also an important factor in teams’ cost control. Due to salary caps, trying to buy a title with money is impossible to drive the team into long-term and existential debt.

What does the salary cap look like in practice?

Currently, the salary cap is used in all major American sports leagues, although there can be significant differences in the details depending on the league.

Salary Cap in the NFL

NFL Salaries : The National Football League salary cap is $192.5 million per team for the 2021-22 season. In addition, there is a minimum commitment that players negotiate with the NFL. So the teams cannot simply refrain from paying their players the appropriate salaries.

The principle behind the salary cap

Here’s what Golden State Warriors players deserve:

These basketball players (NBA) earn the highest salary in the current season with the Golden State Warriors.

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