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Football player hits referee

A bizarre incident occurred at an amateur game in Hesse. A player was sent off with yellow-red – then he knocked the referee unconscious. Now there are consequences.

  • On October 30th, a frightening incident occurred at the amateur game in southern Hesse
  • A 28-year-old player hit the referee with a punch
  • Now the sports court verdict has been spoken

Update from November 21: It was almost exactly three weeks ago that a player hit the referee with a punch during a district league game in southern Hesse and the victim then had to be picked up by the rescue helicopter. 

Now the Dieburg sports court has made a decision. The 28-year-old offender will be banned for three years, and his club, FSV Münster , will be banned from playing in the district league C Dieburg for six months . The district sports court thus pronounced the maximum penalty. 

The player was involved in the negotiation as well as the 22-year-old referee and apologized to him. Nevertheless, the 28-year-old faces legal consequences. “He is listed as a suspect in criminal proceedings,” says Kathy Rosenberger from the police headquarters in Darmstadt to the hr : “A report of bodily harm was placed.”

Two weeks ago, the referee reacted to the incidents in a Facebook post.

Footballer beats referee unconscious – first club hires bodyguards

Update, October 30th:  At the weekend, referee Nils C. was punched and knocked unconscious by an FSV player in the Hessian district league C game between FSV Münster and TV Semd. The victim’s father had expressed concerns as to whether his son would ever whistle again, and the perpetrator faces a lifelong ban from football.

FSV Münster stopped playing after this action and canceled its team, as reported by among others . The perpetrator has not yet apologized to the victim, it is said. However, the action would do him “endlessly sorry. He said everything went haywire at that moment. He also wanted to get in touch with the family, but he didn’t dare. 

On the topic: A player completely freaked out during a district league game in Munich . Finally, he kicked his opponent in the head.

The Berlin club Friedenauer TSC meanwhile took its own measures against such incidents. The national league team wants to have the referees protected by a security company on its facility with immediate effect.

“We had no violence against referees. But to ensure security in the future, we decided to do so. Words and banners are not enough,” said Ronny Herms, a member of the TSC board of directors, the picture .

A dispute between young people also escalated at a youth soccer game in Bavaria . A player had to be taken to a clinic. Now there are severe consequences.

District league horror: footballer knocks referee out – first club hires bodyguards

A security employee is deployed for every Sunday on which up to five teams from the club play – as a bodyguard for the referees. Cost point until the end of the first half of the season: around 5000 euros. “We have to do it from our own resources. It’s difficult, but the safety is worth it,” said Herms.

After a beating attack on the referee: the first club hires a bodyguard. 

This idea is not met with approval everywhere. “That can’t be a permanent solution,” Erwin Bugar told SID . Bugar is President of the Northeast German Football Association (NOFV) and DFB Vice: “It may be a way to calm the current heated situation, but in the long term the clubs should be able to do without security forces,” said Bugar.

As East Germany’s highest-ranking football official explained, the clubs should rather influence their players and talk more about the role of referees with them. “Not many clubs can afford expensive bodyguards, and that creates an imbalance in the long run,” said Bugar.

District league horror: footballer knocks referee out – club reacts drastically

Update, October 29:  The amateur referee, who was defeated in a district league game in Hesse, is doing “according to the circumstances. But he’s still in a lot of pain.” This is what the 22-year-old’s father said in an interview with Hit Radio FFH . “There’s still more research to be done on the jaw,” he said. “The other thing that is going on in his soul is another story.”

Player beats referee: Club takes drastic action

So far, the culprit has not apologized to the injured referee. On Sunday (October 27th) the referee in the match between FSV Münster and TV Semd in the C-Liga Dieburg was knocked unconscious by a player from the hosts and had to be flown to a hospital in a rescue helicopter. As a result, the man suffered a concussion.

He will be “very scared” when his son is back on the pitch, said the father and demanded: “The referee has to be a person of respect again.” Meanwhile, FSV Münster has withdrawn its team from ongoing game operations. In addition, according to club chairman Hans-Peter Samoschkoff, the player who knocked the referee unconscious received a lifelong ban from the house.

Gerd Schugard, the chairman of the Association Referee Committee in Hesse, is concerned about refereeing. “How are we supposed to make it attractive to young people after such incidents?” he told the Frankfurter Rundschau . “Seeing such incidents as isolated cases does not help.” According to the newspaper, the representatives of the state associations will meet on November 16th and 17th at the DFB headquarters in Frankfurt. The issue of violence against referees should be at the top of the agenda.

Horror in district class: footballer beats referee ko

Original message, October 28: The fact that things are not always civilized on the soccer field is due to nature. After all, football is sometimes more than just a game between 22 people and a round ball. However, the emphasis here is on “game”.

Emotions are as much a part of football as beer and sausage. But what definitely doesn’t belong in football is violence. No matter whether in the ranks and certainly not on the field. 

What happened on Sunday on an amateur sports field in southern Hesse shocked not only sports fans. 

Footballer beats referee: horror in the district class – rescue helicopter must come

In a district class game (11th league) between FSV Münster and TV Semd, a player from the hosts knocked the 22-year-old referee unconscious. The reason? The referee showed an actor the yellow-red card, whereupon the 28-year-old lost his composure and struck down the referee, who was whistling for GSV Breitenbrunn. 

After regaining consciousness, the referee was flown to a clinic in a rescue helicopter. In the evening there was at least a little all-clear: everything is fine with the brain and head , but the referee has language difficulties, class teacher Theo Greiner told Fupa Hessen.

On Tuesday, all representatives of the district class should gather and talk about possible preventive measures so that such a devastating incident does not happen again.

Footballer beats referee: horror in the district class – now the club is reacting

On Monday, the referee’s club also reacted: “After the terrible news, we wanted to let everything sink in a bit before we comment on this topic,” wrote GSV Breitenbrunn on its website. 

“The fact is that we can’t eat as much as we could throw up,” it says. And further: “What happens to a person who uses violence against his fellow human beings? If you can’t stand the fact that you have to follow the rules in sport, you should stay at home.”

The club also gave no update on the exact state of health: “We do everything we can to get our referee back on his feet. That is the most important thing. Others should decide the rest, ”wrote the GSV.

Footballer beats referee: Even SV Darmstadt 98 reacts

“We are shocked by this recent incident of physical violence against our referees,” said Stefan Reuss, President of the Hessian Football Association (HFV). “Unfortunately, reports of verbal and physical violence against referees have not stopped in recent times.” The Munster case is just one of five reported to police in Germany in the past month.

However, it is also difficult to justify yourself to the perpetrators when you see scenes like Franck Ribéry’s. The Fiorentina star approached the linesman after AC Florence’s 2-1 draw against Lazio at the weekend and received a red card after the end of the game. He is now threatened with a longer ban. 

The coach of the second division team Darmstadt 98 was also concerned about the recent attack in southern Hesse. “I was shocked when I heard that,” said Dimitrios Grammozis. Despite all the emotionality, violence has no place in football. “This must not be tolerated in any way. There have to be drastic penalties.”

The HFV will “not tolerate these excesses of violence, but will take action against them with all severity and all the means available to us,” explained Reuss. He appealed to all clubs to be aware “that we are getting into an increasingly dramatic situation and that fewer and fewer sports fans will be willing to get involved as referees in the future”. In Berlin, the number of referees is already declining at around 1,000.

Footballer beats referee: strikes in Saarland

As early as mid-September, after a serious physical attack, there was a referee strike in Saarland to “give people to think” and to raise awareness “of how we all, referees, players, fans, coaches and supervisors, want to treat each other in the future”. At the time, the Saarland Football Association warned its clubs in an open letter about cultural change.

Apparently that didn’t reach Hesse yet. One can only hope that such behavior will result in severe penalties. So that football remains what it is: the best thing in the world. 

Violence against referees in amateur football is currently a huge problem. Willi Döder also experienced such an attack. Nevertheless, he is still on the pitch.

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