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football player arrested

Suspected child abuse: Premier League star arrested

An English Premier League player has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Apparently it is an Everton player.

A player in the English professional football league Premier League has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse . This is reported by several British media. First division club Everton announced on Monday that they had suspended a player due to ongoing police investigations.

Earlier on Monday, Greater Manchester Police said they had arrested a 31-year-old man and charged him with child abuse offenses. The suspect is out on bail. Several British media, including the “Mirror” and the ” Sun “, then reported that it was a professional footballer in the top English league.

Everton FC did not explicitly confirm that this was one of their players. The club only announced that a kicker had been suspended due to police investigations. “The club will continue to assist the authorities with their inquiries and will not provide any further information at this time,” said the Liverpool club on Monday (local time). 

Reports: Player also plays for national team

According to the reports, it is a player who plays regularly both for his club and at national team level. He was temporarily arrested, his house was searched and some of his belongings were confiscated, the reports said.

The “Mirror” states that it is not allowed to name the player for legal reasons. But it is a seasoned professional who has earned millions himself in his career and who has flushed the coffers of his clubs. The newspaper reported a source in the club of a “massive shock” for those responsible and players. According to a Sun source, everyone in the dressing room “hopes the allegations aren’t true.”

From Our Sources:

In the child pornography trial, Christoph Metzelder was sentenced to a 10-month suspended sentence by the Düsseldorf district court. stern reporter Johannes Röhrig was there.

this is how the press judged Metzelder’s guilty verdict

It was a quick judgment. But is it fair? Ex-soccer international Christoph Metzelder received a suspended sentence from the Düsseldorf District Court for sending child and youth pornographic files. The press verdict on the judge’s verdict is mixed.

Ten months – on probation. This is the – not yet final – judgment of the district court of Düsseldorf against ex-soccer national player Christoph Metzelder for the transfer of child and youth pornographic files. Too lenient judgment? Commentators in the German media are divided.

“Bild” (Berlin): “When Metzelder reads his confession, his voice falters, he fights back tears. It’s a sincere, credible moment. It bears witness to a destroyed life. His own life. But that’s what it’s all about here not. It’s about the children , damn it! Metzelder claims he’s not a pedophile. And speaks of a turning point, he can no longer work, hasn’t had any jobs since the raid a year and a half ago. Please what? Does he want to victimize himself here? explain? This disgusting self-pity. Unbelievable!”

RTL (Cologne): “The public often finds such verdicts too mild – especially if the perpetrator can avoid a real prison sentence. Many call for martial punishments. Hardly anyone looks at these cases soberly. But that’s exactly the job of courts, no matter how despicable the act may be. The court will ultimately make a judgment within the framework of the existing laws. The second judgment will be made by the public. Metzelder himself said: ‘The prosecution destroyed my life!’ – he is probably right. The consequence of his actions: lifelong banishment from the middle of society. The sentence will not be suspended on probation .”

“Stuttgarter Nachrichten”: “The question not only in the corridors of the Düsseldorf District Courtbeing discussed is: Is the sentence for Christoph Metzelder, ten months probation, appropriate? Metzelder was convicted for passing on child and youth pornography files. Without playing down the act: the canon of cruelties unfortunately offers far worse things, also when it comes to children and sexual ideas. May they be sick or just perverted. That means there needs to be some room for improvement when it comes to punishment. And if you look at the amount of the penalty, you also have to take a look at the accompanying circumstances. The prominent perpetrator will have a much harder time finding his way back into normal life than a lesser-known convict would have. Of course, that doesn’t make the atrocities any better – and most importantly, doesn’t undo them.”

“The New Day” (Weiden): “Cases like that of Christoph Metzelder are part of the bitter everyday life of the judiciary. However, the public hardly takes any notice of the distribution, acquisition and possession of child pornographic content. Now the shocking details about the apparent double life In addition to the criminal offense itself, it is particularly perfidious that Metzelder set up a foundation for disadvantaged children in 2006 and acted as a “guardian angel” in an association for abused children , to prevent reporting Disturbing impressions remain in every respect.Metzelder can save his tears of self-pity over the suffering of the children involved.”

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