The Ultimate Westhost Review


Running a website can be difficult. You must make sure that it looks professional, that it stands out, and that everything on your website is working correctly. Having a good, helpful, and trustworthy webhosting service can help to make running your website much easier. Westhost is one such hosting company.

About Webhost

Westhost is a company, founded by Chris Russell, which provides hosting services. Established in 1998 in Providence Utah, the company has provided its customers with domain name registration services, website design services, web hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and reseller hosting services. They strive to provide their customers with quality web hosting at affordable prices. Westhost caters to a wide variety of customers, ensuring that the needs of each customer are met. They provide services and packages for those who want to start their own website or blog for personal reasons. On the other hand, they also provide services that cater to the needs of business owners online.

The company is regarded as a premium provider of web hosting and other related services and is one of the most trusted companies in this market. Westhost has seen a huge growth since it began in 1998, and in 2004 the company’s growth was recognized when it was named one of the fastest growing companies in Utah. Since then, the company has continued to expand and it is now responsible for over one million domains throughout the world.

Types of Hosting Services Offered by Webhost

As mentioned earlier, Webhost offers a variety of services to its customers. These services include web hosting, web design, domain name registration, cloud hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers. Webhost provides its customers with both shared and dedicated hosting depending on their needs. Shared hosting allows you to use a great hosting service at a very low cost. Shared hosting is also much easier to use as all of the tools are integrated. Dedicated hosting is more expensive, but it provides customers with more security and reliability, and it is ideal for owners of high traffic websites.

Types of Hosting Packages Offered by Webhost

Web Hosting Services: For its shared server webhosting, Westhost offers customers four main types of webhosting. Firstly, they offer personal hosting from just four dollars. Personal hosting provides customers with 1000 GB bandwidth, 50 GB of disk space, one database, and a domain name for just $12.50 for the year. They also provide free setup, ten sub domains, database and file transfers for free, a cpanel that you can use when you login, toll free support in the United States for twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week, a website builder tool, WordPress support, and it allows you to send 1000 emails per hour. The personal hosting package is a basic package, which is ideal for beginners, people with small websites, people who have a small amount of traffic, or those who just run one website.

Secondly, Westhost also offers a preferred hosting package. This package, which is available from just eight dollars, provides customers with 200 GB of disk space, a free domain name, 2500 GB bandwidth, unlimited databases, free database and file transfer, and unlimited sub domains. Customers who choose the preferred hosting package also get free setup, continuous data protection and toll-free support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week throughout the USA. The preferred package is perfect for those who own more than one website or get a medium to high amount of traffic to their site.

Thirdly, Westhost offers a business hosting package. With the business hosting package, customers can get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free setup, free domain names, and unlimited databases from just twelve dollars. The business package is ideal for those who own many websites, have an online store, have a credit card payment method on their site, or have high traffic websites.

Cloud Hosting: Westhost offers a range of cloud hosting packages. Firstly, the company offers the Burst package for fifty dollars. This provides customers with 752 MB of RAM, security certificates for free, 1 GigE port, twenty GB of storage and a 1.2 GHz dedicated CPU. Secondly, Webhost offers the Storm package for one hundred dollars. With this package, customers get 50 GB of storage, 1180 MB of RAM, and a 3 GHz dedicated CPU. Thirdly, it offers the Monsoon package for $150 dollars. This provides customers with 90 GB of storage, a 5.4 GHz dedicated CPU, 3384 MB of RAM.

Dedicated Servers: Westhost also offers dedicated server hosting. The company offers four unmanaged dedicated servers at $95, $160, $220 and $295, or four managed dedicated servers at $195, $260, $320 and $495.

Westhost Review: What Customers are Saying

Reviews for Westhost are generally positive. Customers love Westhost for a number of factors. They like that its packages are affordable, that there a wide range of hosting packages that fit the needs of customers, and they also like the company’s excellent customer service and twenty-four hour, toll-free helpline.

What Types of Deals Customers Can Get

Westhost offers a variety of deals to its customers. Customers can also use a coupon to get a discount on Westhost’s services. All that customers have to do is enter their coupon code, and they can get a discount on Westhost’s hosting packages.

What makes Westhost Different to Other Hosting Companies?

Westhost stands out due to the fact that it provides its customers with quality services at reasonable prices. Westhost is a company that can be trusted and is always there to help. The sixty-day money back guarantee allows customers to use the site and see if it is for them; if they don’t like it, they can get their money back.


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