The Ultimate InMotion review

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Reliability is possibly the most important feature a website host can provide. Users will suffer through a poorly designed interface and even sometimes tolerate a slow host, just because there is rarely any downtime. One of the benefits of Inmotion’s fast Linux servers is that there is rarely any of the above. The staff-owned company is experienced at fixing everything than can go wrong with website hosting. Customer service is also one of their strong points, as they pride themselves both on the friendliness of their customer service staff and on the experience of their tech support team.


Inmotionhosting, Inc has a three out of three stars rating from CNET. The CNET name is one that is widely recognized and respected by tech professionals and longtime web-surfers. CNET is an established source of tech news and reviews and has been around since the earliest days of the Internet. Inmotionhosting, Inc. has also been authorized by the better business Bureau to show their BBB’s seal. This means that the company meets all of the BBB’s reliability and quality standards.

What about Inmotion’s hosting options? Inmotion offers a number of packages for users with a variety of needs and experience levels. For the very inexperienced or light user, there is that friendly customer service and tech support, and there are also hosting packages from Inmotion that are appropriate for them. The two types of personal hosting available from Inmotion are Value Class and Business Class.

Value Class Hosting

Users who have low-traffic websites may want to opt for the ultra-affordable Value Class plans.

Value Class hosting comes in three flavors:

  • Starter
  • Basic
  • Max

Basic and Max classes get SQL databases so that they can run websites using scripts like WordPress, which is among the more than thirty scripts offered by Inmotion. The most popular hosting dashboard software, cPanel, is also available with all hosting types and gives users the ability to easily deploy and manage their websites. They just have to login and install. Other services like domain privacy (protecting domain-owners’ identities from whois searches) are available as options with all packages.

Business Class Hosting

The Business Class has three options:

  • Launch
  • Power
  • Pro

Business Class is for the user who needs the extra functionality for running a commercial website. The plans all feature better spam protection and daily backups, as opposed to the weekly backups for Value Class plans. Business Class hosting from Inmotion is available at speeds that are up to 50% faster than that of Value Class. Users also get 25 additional subdomains and $75-$100 worth of AdWords credits, giving them the ability to run ads for their business on Google.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS hosting is for high-traffic, dynamic websites and involves partitioning a server into multiple virtual private servers. For example, if a user is planning on building the next Facebook or Twitter, or a site that they hope will become like one of those, this is the type of hosting they may want to use, at least in the initial phases. They may also host a network consisting of an unlimited number of websites. Multiple packages are available for users with different needs, as is the case with all of the different types of hosting that Inmotion offers. The VPS hosting packages are:

  • VPS-1000
  • VPS-2000
  • VPS-3000

The setup fee with all of Inmotion’s VPS plans is waived, they also come with between 512MB and 2GB of dedicated memory, along with between 1 and 3GB of burstable memory.

Dedicated Servers

This is for when a website hits its full stride and has extreme needs that go beyond that provided by any of the other plans. A user has their own dedicated server and can even have root access if they so desire. The packages here are:

  • Essential
  • Advanced
  • Elite

Users get top-of-the-line Dell Hardware to power their websites. The Essential plan comes with 2GB of RAM, the Advanced has 4 GB while the Elite comes with 8GB. The packages also come with lots of hard drive space, between 2×160 for the Essential to 500GB for both the Advanced and Elite.

What Inmotion’s Customers are Saying

Apart from Inmotion’s customer service, the most widely praised part of their service is the reliability and the affordability of their hosting packages. Experienced web-developers and web-designers are among the customers who are the most satisfied with the quality of Inmotion’s service and the cost. They praise the reliability and flexibility of Inmotion’s services and the speed of their servers.

Customer Support

Customers love Inmotion’s 24-7 customer service, pointing out how easy it is to get ahold of the customer service or tech support staff when help is needed. They like the fact that the staff at Inmotion speak English and are competent at fixing problems and providing information.


No review would be complete without mentioning costs. The amount of money it takes to get started is a major concern when choosing a website host; the smart user knows to look for and use a coupon code when signing up. Inmotion not only offers a variety of low-priced packages to users with various needs, they also offer discounts. An Inmotion discount can make an already low cost even lower.

What Sets Inmotion Apart

Other hosts talk about offering customer service, Inmotion, however, actually provides it and is a favorite with developers for this reason. Anyone who has ever had an issue with their website and needed to through to their hosting provider quickly knows that it can be a frustrating process, with hours waiting for a response to a support-ticket, or an 800 number that is never answered. Inmotion is not only responsive to customers’ needs, they also have multiple ways for their users to get in touch with them, including chat, toll-free, international numbers and regular email. Users also get a 100% money back guarantee if Inmotion fails to give them quality, reliable service.


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