Designing Your Dream Pool Area

Is you’re pool area looking a little worse for wear? Maybe it’s little outdated and in need of some TLC? Read on as the following article guides you on your journey to creating your dream pool area. Why not go further than patio décor and create an oasis that mirrors your personality, and gives you a space to relax, play, and entertain?

Identify Your Vision

Firstly, you’ll need to consider your vision for your outdoor pool area. Do you want somewhere where you can entertain; that has an air of sophistication and modern elegance? Are you looking for a pool area that feels natural and wild like a jungle oasis? Or are you looking for an area designed with family-friendly fun in mind? Your vision will help you move forward with decisiveness as you design your dream pool area.

Utilize Landscaping

Since you’re working with an outdoor pool area, why not incorporate some landscaping? Think lush greenery, fragrant flowers, or tropical plants. Bringing natural elements into your pool design can make it feel ambient and relaxing.

Install Water Features

If you’re looking to create a space for luxury and relaxation, why not consider adding some water features to your pool area? Elegant fountains or calming waterfalls can create a soothing soundscape for you to enjoy. Imagine listening to the sound of water flowing as you immerse yourself in a moment of relaxation.

Update Your Outdoor Furnishings

The outdoor furnishings that you choose will greatly impact the overall look and atmosphere of your pool area, so for this reason, it’s important to opt for quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Consider whether your area calls for furniture that is sleek and modern, or perhaps vibrant and bohemian. Alternatively, a classic rattan always looks great if you prefer an understated look.


Choose furnishings that reflect your personal style and create the perfect ambience; you may also want to add extra furnishings such as a cocktail table, a chest to store pool toys, or even a BBQ or firepit. Consider how all these elements could work together to create the perfect outdoor area.

Invest in Fencing for Safety and Style

Integrating a stylish glass fence for pool safety is the perfect way to marry together aesthetics and function, so opt for materials that complement the surrounding landscape. Glass is a great option as it looks modern—yet doesn’t impact the landscape. By incorporating fencing as part of your design, you can create a secure pool environment without impacting the overall aesthetic.

Create Ambiance

If you’re planning to use your pool in the evenings, thoughtful lighting is essential. For a soft and cozy atmosphere, string lights or floating LED fixtures are great; but make sure your lighting illuminates any pathways, or key features in the area. This ensures pool safety and creates an enchanting ambience that invites you to the poolside long after the sun sets.

Designing your dream pool area is an amazing opportunity to completely reimagine and transform your outdoor space. By defining a strong vision, and following it through to fruition, you can create an area that encourages joy and relaxation. Let your creativity flow, and watch as your backyard becomes a haven.

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