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Sean Spicer Retweeted The Onion And The Internet Will Never Let Him Live It Down (SCREENSHOTS)

Ever get the feeling that at any point during one of Trump’s weekly addresses Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out and tell us we’ve been “punked?” White House press secretary continued his tradition of making a complete and total ass out of himself Sunday when he retweeted a video he thought was praising him. Oh, yeah, and it was from The Onion.

“You nailed it,” Spicer wrote in response to a video he clearly did not comprehend accompanied by text he clearly barely read. “Period.”

The Onion video says Spicer’s role in Trump’s administration is “to provide the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation” — like that Trump attracted the “largest audience to witness an inauguration, period” —  and describes his speaking style as “defensive.”

While it’s possible — but not probable — that Spicer understands that he was being mocked and retweeted the video ironically, the Internet  seized upon the opportunity to have a few laughs at Trump’s mouthpiece:

Sure, this may have been Spicer’s attempt at a joke, but this is the same guy who recently tweeted out his password multiple times over a two-day period and had a special synonym for “lies” — “alternative facts” — created in his honor.

If these are the “best and brightest” Trump can find, our country is doomed.

Watch the Onion’ video below, and despair — because they are 100% correct about him:

Featured image via Getty Images (Drew Angerer)/screengrab