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WATCH: Sessions ADMITS Trump Committed Sexual Assault; Willing To Prosecute (VIDEO)

In a turn of events that is bound to greatly upset President-elect Donald Trump, his pick for Attorney General seemed to just throw him under the bus.

During his confirmation hearing, Sen. Jeff Sessions was asked:

“Is grabbing a woman by her genitals – is that sexual assault?”

Sessions responded:

“Clearly, it would be.”

Sessions was then asked that if a sitting president or any other high -level official were to be accused of committing what Trump seemingly admitted to doing on tape, would he be able to prosecute and investigate.

Sessions responded:

“The president is subject to certain lawful restrictions and they would be required to be applied by the appropriate law enforcement official if appropriate. Yes.”

When asked if Trump’s behavior on the tape constituted that form of behavior, Sessions stumbled around the answer calling it hypothetical, etc. However, once interrupted and asked directly, “is grabbing a woman by her genitals without consent, is that sexual assault?” Sessions replied:


This goes against what Sessions said earlier in the year to the Weekly Standard, when he said:

“I don’t characterize that as sexual assault. I think that’s a stretch. I don’t know what he meant.”

However, now under strict pressure of a confirmation, and not in campaign mode trying to get his candidate elected, he reveals the truth.

It will be interesting to see what happens moving forward and if Sessions will hold to his word if such behavior were to occur again by Trump.

Watch the moment here:

Featured Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images