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Bernie Sanders Drops SHOCKING Truthbomb On Americans, Exposes GOP’s Obamacare Lie (VIDEO)

From the moment Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders began his presidential campaign, he has always had the best interest of Americans in mind. Even after losing the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, he continued to do all he could to protect the country from what might happen if a Republican got into office.

Unfortunately, the GOP’s worst candidate happened to become elected – President-elect Donald Trump. And now, Sanders is working around the clock to inform Americans about all the horrible things the GOP is planning. One of the Republican Party’s top priorities is to repeal Obamacare despite the fact that they have no replacement as of right now. Repealing Obamacare  – an initiative that has given more people than ever access to affordable healthcare – is going to have a massively negative impact, and Sanders exposed a huge Republican lie yesterday.

At a CNN town hall, Sanders was asked a question by a concerned terminally ill cancer patient who was scared that the GOP’s choice to repeal the Affordable Care Act could be the difference between life and death for her. It was a critical question, as many Americans in our country are facing the same circumstances. Sanders said:

“We forget that it was only eight years ago seven years ago where somebody who had breast cancer, somebody who had other serious illness could go to an insurance company, and they would say why would we want to insure you? You’re going to cost us a fortune. You’re sick. We can’t make money out of you, and the American people said that is insane. What’s the function of insurance if you can’t get it when you need it? But that’s what went on, and as a result of the Affordable Care Act, we said to the insurance companies, no, you can’t discriminate against somebody for a pre-existing condition, and we said many other things too.”

Sanders asked the women, “I suspect and tell me if I’m wrong, you’re probably running up a pretty steep medical bill. Yeah?”

The woman answered that her bill was “huge” and Sanders continued:

“Alright. And it used to be there were caps on what the insurance company would pay. We’ll pay you a hundred thousand. We won’t pay more. Well, how do I pay the next hundred thousand? Tough luck. You’re on your own. We changed that as well.

To answer your question, Jessica, I’m going to do everything I can – and I believe I speak for virtually every member of the Democratic Caucus – that we’re going to do everything we can to improve the Affordable Care Act. It has problems. But we damn well are not going to see it repealed and have no replacement there at all.”

The GOP would love for Americans to believe that repealing Obamacare won’t cause any damage, but this is a massive, disgusting lie – and Sanders had the guts to call it out. If the GOP repeals the ACA, tons of Americans will face discriminating insurance companies and be denied life-saving coverage. There will be even less healthcare and higher prices for those who won’t be discriminated against.

You can watch Sanders reveal what the GOP’s Obamacare repeal is really going to do below:

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