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Watch These Conservative Actors’ Faces During Meryl Streep’s Speech; It’s Priceless (VIDEO/IMAGES)

There’s a divide in this country. No denying it. We’re divided now more than we have been in quite some time because we just elected the poster child for misogyny for president. Then add to that the fact that Trump’s a noted racist who’s been sued by the DOJ and is no friend to Muslims, and well, it’s recipe for disaster.

This divide was even felt Sunday night during the Golden Globes during Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech. Although most of the crowd was hanging on every word and agreeing with what she was saying, there were some disapproving faces in the crowd.

Two of those faces were those of conservatives Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn.

They seemed, as they say, not amused.

See here:

Is it fine to be conservative? Absolutely. However, why look so pissed when someone is calling someone out on what they are doing? It’s her speech and her right to say what she wants. It’s also their right to looked pissed. However, looking pissed at someone calling out a bully doesn’t exactly look great.

Here’s the full speech, with Gibson and Vaughn at the 5:27 mark:

Featured image via video screen capture