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Trump Campaign Foe Who SUNK His Poll Numbers Is BACK; Has New BRUTAL Message (DETAILS)

Donald Trump ran a vicious, vulgar, bigoted campaign. Even his own supporters cannot deny that. One of the ugliest moments of the whole thing is when he announced that he was calling for a ban on Muslims entering the country. This statement did not escape one Khizr Khan, who immigrated to the United States when his children where small, from the Middle East. One of his sons went on to become Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in the line of duty in Iraq in 2004. Had it been up to Donald Trump, Captain Khan never would have even been allowed into the United States of America, and certainly never would have died in its service. Thanks to Trump’s statements and his son’s heroic death, Khizr Khan became an unexpected star of the Democratic National Convention this summer, when he challenged Trump’s bigotry against Muslims, and reminded him that his son, a Muslim American soldier, made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation.

Trump, of course, reacted in the most repulsive way imaginable, with many bigoted and insensitive tweets against Mr. Khan and his wife Ghazala Khan. Despite heavy criticism from people across the political aisle, the feud lasted nearly a week, because the thin-skinned Trump was unable to control himself. Finally, the feud faded from the news, and Trump’s numbers went back up after plummeting during the Khan fight.

Well, now, Khizr Khan is back to tell Donald Trump and the rest of America just what he thinks of Donald Trump being elected president, and he definitely didn’t mince words. Mr. Khan is especially critical of Trump’s bigotry carrying over into the people who he is nominating for cabinet positions, namely Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who Trump wants to be Attorney General. Sessions was deemed too racist 30 years ago to be confirmed as a federal judge under President Ronald Reagan and a GOP-controlled Congress, yet now Trump and the current GOP want him to be the head of the Justice Department -civil rights laws and all.

Khizr Khan definitely has a hell of a lot to say about Sessions, and he didn’t hold back. In a letter to Democratic Senators, Khan urged them to reject Sessions, saying in part:

“I am writing to urge you, out of respect for the American values enshrined in the Constitution, not to confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions to be attorney general of the United States.”

“Thirty years ago, a bipartisan group of senators rejected Mr. Sessions’ nomination to be a federal judge,” Khan added. “His record since then does not give us any reason to believe that those senators were in error. Mr. Sessions has confirmed their concerns and raised additional ones.”

“The most minimal standard for leading the Department of Justice must be a demonstrated commitment to pursuing justice for all Americans. Mr. Sessions fails to meet that standard. Americans deserve better.”

Khizr Khan is right. Jeff Sessions has shown himself to be a bigot, not just via his words, but also by his policies and actions. He cannot possibly be trusted to uphold the civil rights of all Americans. Mr. Khan went on to conclude his concerns with the declaration that GOP members of the Senate should realize that anything resmebling an “incomplete and less than thorough hearing” would go against their “moral authority in our legislative system.” After that, Mr. Khan reminded the United States Senate that Sessions is definitely bigoted against Muslims, in the same dangerously un-American tradition articulated by Donald Trump:

“Mr. Sessions has defended proposals that would single Muslim immigrants out for discriminatory treatment on the basis of their religious beliefs. [Sessions] has happily accepted awards from the most intensely anti-Muslim organizations and groups that spread the vile falsehood that Muslims cannot be loyal Americans. This is not the American way.”

Khizr Khan is spot on. If GOP Senators value true American freedom and democracy above the bigoted, authoritarian regime being pushed by Trump, they’ll listen to Mr. Khan when it comes to Jeff Sessions.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images