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This Is The Single Most AWKWARD Moment From Trump’s Past That He Doesn’t Want You To See (VIDEO)

No one can argue against the fact that President-elect Donald Trump embarrasses himself on an everyday basis. From his nonstop Twitter temper tantrums, his creepy crush on Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and his complete lack of common sense, Trump sets himself up for failure all the time.

And he’s been doing it long before his presidential campaign. While Trump’s major self-created humiliations include fraudulent universities, several sexual assault cases (some which involved minors) and numerous failed business endeavors, there is one particular moment from his past that will undoubtedly make him (and you) cringe every single time it’s brought up.

Footage from a 2005 Prime-time Emmy Awards ceremony has just recently resurfaced, reminding us all that the next President of the United States – a former reality television star with zero political experience – had done a little performance that should make Americans embarrassed for our future under this moron’s “leadership.” At the award ceremony, Trump donned a weird farmer’s costume alongside actress Megan Mullally to sing the Green Acres theme song – and it’s the most AWKWARD thing ever. Mullally played her role perfectly as character Karen Walker from Will & Grace, and Trump played…himself.

There are seriously no words for what you’re about to see, and we apologize in advance:

Trump’s performance is truly disturbing and a great reminder that he is a complete clown and he doesn’t deserve to be America’s president. And while we’re speaking of reminders, let’s not forget that the next President of the United States is a rapist and misogynist by overlooking this weird, uncomfortable moment where Trump creepily forced Mullally to hug him:


This is one of those things you can’t unsee once it’s too late, but everyone in America should still watch this – especially his supporters. We have not elected a leader; we have elected a clown.

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