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Stars Come Back From The Dead To Refuse To Perform For Trump (DETAILS)

Donald Trump likes to flaunt how rich and famous he is, how well-connected. However, since he ran such a vicious, vulgar, misogynist, racist, xenophobic, and otherwise bigoted campaign, the folks who matter in high places in flashy entertainment circles want nothing to do with him. In fact, people close to the inaugural organizing efforts say that they are absolutely desperate to get top tier entertainment for the event.

Well, things just got worse for Trump on Sunday, when the daughter of the great Frank Sinatra, who died in 1998, shot down the idea that her late father would have performed for the business mogul:

This tweet comes after someone asked Sinatra what her father would have done with regards to Trump. Now, Mr. Sinatra is unfortunately no longer with us, so we cannot get that answer straight from his own lips. However, I’m pretty sure his own daughter knew what his views were on bigotry. Further, his record on civil rights is well-documented, as he famously declined performance opportunities in atmospheres that discriminated based upon race. He also was rewarded for his progressive and right-thinking stance by the NAACP.

Also, Nancy Sinatra was not the only one who quickly put the bed the idea that her father would want anything to do with performing for the likes of Donald Trump. When Stephen Baldwin suggested that his father, a veteran, would be upset with the media’s Trump coverage, his brother, actor and producer Billy Baldwin, slapped his own flesh and blood down on Twitter, saying their father would never be a Trump supporter:

This is a new low. We actually have a president-elect who couldn’t even get dead people to support his candidacy or take a spot at his inauguration, which is usually the highest honor in the land. Oh America, how the mighty have fallen. We truly should be ashamed.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images