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Meghan McCain Rips Meryl Streep For Calling Out Trump, And Twitter CRUSHES Her (TWEETS)


Meryl Streep gave a very poignant speech at the Golden Globes – one in which she slammed Trump, and so far has received a lot of accolades for it. As is typical when people get political in very public speeches, there are detractors, so Streep is getting that, too. And John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, decided be one of those detractors. She took to Twitter to say:

Streep went after Trump for mocking a disabled reporter during his campaign, something he swore he hadn’t done and even tried to claim was someone he’d never met. She spoke how she couldn’t get that out of her mind, and how places of power are no place for disrespectful bullies.

And Twitter tore her a new one for it:

Emmy-nominated Billy Eichner jumped on Meghan for her tweet, too:

And Meghan didn’t like that. She didn’t like that one bit, but apparently she also can’t handle the truth:

That just inflamed Eichner and he went on a mini-tweetstorm toward her:

At the end of the night, Meghan McCain was just owned by Twitter for her idiocy. Hollywood skews very liberal and conservatives can’t handle that with class for some reason. So Hollywood gets scapegoated. Just like Meryl Streep here.

Featured image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images