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Even FOX NEWS Thinks Trump Is An Idiot For Going After Meryl Streep; It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

After Meryl Streep gave her glorious speech destroying Donald Trump for being the absolute bully that he is, it was only a matter of time before the president-elect heard about it and responded via his medium of choice — Twitter.

He tweeted out:

Basically saying, ‘I didn’t mock him, I mocked him.’

Well, now that’s the story everywhere, and even people who have been siding with Trump are starting to think he’s going a bit too far.

Fox News’ sister channel Fox Business discussed Trump’s tweets on Monday morning.

Business journalist Elizabeth MacDonald said:

“How does name calling make American great again? Doesn’t that undercut Mr. Trump’s agenda by responding in ways like this? I mean, he demeans himself. You cannot expect people to climb on board with agenda when your judgment is so poor in making attacks like that.”

With Stuart Varney even saying:

“I got it and I think you’re right.”

Watch the Fox Business panel discuss Trump’s tweets here:

When you’ve gone so far off the deep end that Fox starts calling you out on it, perhaps one needs to reevaluate a lot about one’s life and approach to doing things. Like, say, maybe Trump should stop tweeting altogether if he wants to be respected as Commander-in-Chief. Because at the moment? Not so much.

Featured image via video screen capture — HT Raw Story