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WATCH: Cory Booker Sends GLORIOUS F**k You To GOP Over Obamacare Repeal Live On Air (VIDEO)

With Republicans saying they’re going to repeal the Affordable Care Act without having a replacement first, they are literally just screwing over tens of millions of Americans without even blinking.

The repeal seems to be purely for political reasons because they don’t want President Obama to have such a substantial policy victory under his belt. It sure as hell isn’t about money or citizens, because according to CNBC:

“Up to 3 million jobs in the health sector and other areas would be lost if certain key provisions of the Affordable Care Act are repealed by Congress, a new report said Thursday.

At the same time, ending those provisions could lead to a whopping $1.5 trillion reduction in gross state product from 2019 through 2023, according to the study.”

Not letting Republicans get away with being horrific human beings who still think it’s fine to use taxpayer funded healthcare for themselves, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) went on Face the Nation and brilliantly laid it all out on the table.

Booker said:

“This is about real people in America who will be hurt immediately. You have the American Medical Association, who was against Obamacare, saying don’t repeal this without having a replacement plan. You have doctors’ associations, nurses’ associations, hospital associations all screaming. Even some fellow Republicans. What are you trying to do? You’re gonna repeal this law which is gonna plunge many Americans into health crisis.

Adding this brilliant analogy:

This is akin to shoving someone off the cliff, and as you’re falling down saying, don’t worry, we’re gonna figure this out before you get to the bottom.”

He’s absolutely correct, and he also went on to say that he and fellow Democrats are going to do all they can to stop it from happening.

Watch Booker here on Face the Nation:

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