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Obama Proves Trump Wrong, HUMILIATES Him With Record-breaking Job Growth (TWEETS)

If President-elect Donald Trump was jealous of President Barack Obama’s success before, things definitely got much worse for the undeserving, lazy, egotistical President-elect.

Trump has been insulting Obama for years now, from his birthplace to his job record – and Obama keeps proving him wrong and running circles around him. Now, just days before Trump is to replace Obama, Obama decides to close out his second and final term by setting a massive record that basically tells Trump and every Republican to shut the hell up.

At a time when Trump is patting himself on the back for accomplishments he had nothing to do with, Obama is ending his presidency with the longest streak in job growth in 75 years!!! According to The Hill:

“When President Obama took office in January 2009, the unemployment rate was 7.8 percent and the economy was in the throes of a deep economic crisis.”

The unemployment rate peaked once at 10% during Obama’s first year, and he spent the rest of his time in office consistently reducing it. The Hill also reported:

“The economy has added jobs for 75 straight months, the longest streak since 1939.”

Another epic bombshell to the GOP is The Hill noting that Obama could have done more and increased job growth even faster if it hadn’t been for Congressional Republicans obstructing him every step of the way and shutting down measures that could have turned things around at a faster rate.

Unlike the disaster he inherited when he began his first term, Obama is handing Trump a strong, booming economy – but don’t expect Trump or the GOP to give him any credit for it. Considering Trump has already started to take credit for the economy and he hasn’t even begun his term, expect this to be another undeserved milestone for Trump to brag about.

We’re sure that once Trump starts crashing the economy, the GOP will still find a way to blame Obama – but his legacy will always be remembered by us. Obama more than delivered, and Trump is going to have a hell of a time filling his shoes.

Featured image via Mark Wilson / Getty Images