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BREAKING: CIA Identifies Russians Who Gave Hacked Docs To Wikileaks, Trump FURIOUS (DETAILS)

Donald Trump may have spent his Friday morning tweeting about how much better of a reality show host he is than Arnold Schwarzenegger, but something else was surely on his mind. Ever since he was elected, The Donald has been very clear that (no matter what more than a baker’s dozen intelligence agencies say) Vladimir Putin absolutely did not, did not, did not orchestrate a plot to hack our election and effectively install Trump in the Oval Office, nor was Russia involved in any way.

Trump, amid his ubiquitous praise toward Russia’s cuddly dictator, Vladimir Putin, has spent much of his time since an extreme minority of our population kinda-sorta “elected” him as President attacking the CIA for correctly reporting that not only did Russia hack our election, but that the intent was to prop up Donald Trump.

Well, the CIA has decided to do Trump one better than simply identifying Russia as the culprit. They now know the name of specific Russian agents who — under direct orders from The Donald’s new best friend Vladimir — gave the documents to Trump’s favorite guy-hiding-from-rape-charges-in-an-embassy. Reuters reports:

“By October, it had become clear that the Russians were trying to help the Trump campaign,” said one official familiar with the full report speaking on the condition of anonymity because the complete version is Top Secret.

In some cases, one official said, the material followed what was called “a circuitous route” from the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency, to WikiLeaks in an apparent attempt to make the origins of the material harder to trace, a common practice used by all intelligence agencies, including U.S. ones.

These handoffs, the officials said, enabled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to say the Russian government or state agencies were not the source of the material published on his website.

And, of course, Assange has been doing exactly that, with Trump retweeting it triumphantly, never realizing that Assange’s pseudo-clever wording was simply a way to bypass admitting the truth in a way that stupid people like Trump and his followers would eagerly slurp up.

Intelligence agencies also intercepted audio of high-level Kremlin officials celebrating their successful hacking campaign, which an official says represented ” a victory over the United States.”

Trump once tweeted that he hopes Vladimir Putin becomes his “best friend.” Would he settle for “sugar daddy?”

Featured image via Getty Images/Bastian Slabbers