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Trump Went On Wendy Williams, Dropped BOMBSHELL Defense Of Kim Jong-un’s Sony Hack (VIDEO)

Now that President-elect Donald Trump has spent a considerable amount of time defending Russia from the intelligence community’s reports about its meddling in the US election, it’s helpful to note that Trump has a history of defending dictators from other countries when they’ve attacked America.

In 2014, Trump made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show and was more than happy to defend North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for hacking Sony after it made an unflattering film about him.

In the interview, Trump stated that he could see “both sides” regarding the Sony hack, and felt Jong-un might have been justified because Sony had created a movie that had “really vile things” about North Korea in it. Considering how egotistical and sensitive Trump is about his own image, of course Trump would think this was appropriate.

As a refresher, the FBI had determined in December 2014 that North Korea was behind the hack, which was probably to get back at the Sony for the film The Interview – a film revolving around the assassination of Jong-un. During the appearance, Trump also revealed to Williams that he didn’t use email so he would be protected from hacking, and that the Sony film was “terrible” because “they did some very vile things…it wasn’t just assassination!”

“That’s pretty bad stuff. So I can see both sides of it.”

Trump went on to say that “there are a lot of bad things you see in movies” and because of this, Sony basically deserved to be hacked by North Korea. Trump once again stated that he could “totally understand both sides.”

Now, this may have been an older interview, but it’s certainly relevant today because Trump is continuing to defend other dictators that are attacking the country he’s supposed to be leading in just a few days. Trump has dismissed several reports from the intelligence community as well as the new sanctions President Barack Obama put on Russia. It seems that everyone is taking the election hacking seriously except for Trump, and when you see this old interview from The Wendy Williams Show, we can see that this is a terrifying pattern for Trump:

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