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New Info Reveals Who’s Going To Suffer Most From Obamacare Repeal, And It’s Absolutely Ironic (IMAGE)

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the chopping block as Republicans move to repeal the law as one of their first moves in the new Congress, it seems they are not taking into consideration who it is going to harm most.

It can be said that if Republicans truly cared about the American people they would move to fix the parts of the ACA that aren’t working the way they should, and expand the law to work better.

However, the GOP not content in letting President Obama score a political victory, seek to strip away the law entirely for purely political reasons with nothing on the table to replace it. This will strip over 20 million people of their healthcare.

And in a very ironic twist, some of the people who will be affected the most live in states that all went to Donald Trump in the presidential election.

New information just came out that reveals the states with the highest enrollment in Obamacare over the past year. Those states?

  • Florida with 1.3 million enrollees
  • Texas with 776,000
  • North Carolina with 369,000
  • Georgia with 352,000
  • Pennsylvania with 291,000

It can be said that Republicans often vote against their best interests and it seems to be true once again. It’s also true that the second you call the law by its name, the Affordable Care Act, and not Obamacare, people don’t see it as negatively. They literally just don’t like Obama.

Republicans need to remember something very important — the second they repeal the law and tens of millions lose their health insurance, they own that. It is no longer Obamacare, it would be Trumpcare. And unless they have a replacement that is as good or better, they will forever be known as the party that stripped away people’s healthcare, and the means to literally survive.

Hopefully, come midterms, Trump voters will see the error in their vote and side with the party who actually gives a shit about them.

Featured Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images