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John McCain Just DESTROYED Trump With This STUNNING Statement On Russian Hacking (VIDEO)

Even after multiple intelligence reports and President Barack Obama put new sanctions on Russia, President-elect Donald Trump is still denying the fact that Russia meddled in the US election – probably because it clearly worked to his benefit.

Trump’s recent praise of Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his defense of Russia has been condemned by many, and today Trump got a truly rude awakening from Senator John McCain. At today’s Congressional hearings on the Russia hacking, McCain spoke out in what sounded like a serious jab at Trump.

While Trump has told Americans that we should just “move on” and forget about something as critical as an election hacking, McCain sent quite the opposite message. McCain firmly stated how serious this issue was as he said:

“Every American should be alarmed by Russia’s attacks on our nation.There’s no escaping the fact that this committee meets today … in the aftermath of an unprecedented attack on our democracy.”

Also debunking Trump’s claim that the only reason people were upset about the hacking was because Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had lost the election, McCain made sure to state that these hacking hearings were not meant “to question the outcome of the election nor should it be.”

As it was just yesterday that Trump took the side of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Twitter, Assange undoubtedly came up during the hearings. In a conversation with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Admiral Michael Rogers of the National Security Agency, McCain asked if they thought there was “any credibility” should be attached to Assange. Both Clapper and Rogers stated that they didn’t believe so.

The Russian hacking hearings are continuing throughout the day, and we expect that Trump will be bashed many more times for his refusal to take this seriously. You can watch McCain expertly nail Trump below:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images