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White House Releases STARTLING Health Coverage Fact That Should Leave GOP Worried (IMAGE)

As Republicans seek to make getting rid of the Affordable Healthcare Act their top priority, perhaps they should look at the startling information now coming out of the White House. Because if they actually cared about the American people, they’d be worried they’re making a horrible mistake.

According to the White House:

“For the first time ever, more than 90% of Americans have health coverage.”

Take a look at this graph dating back to before the implementation of Medicare and Medicaid:

The White House explains what Obamacare has done:

“The groundwork was laid over nearly 100 years: Other administrations — from Presidents Truman to Nixon to Clinton — have tried and failed to immortalize this principal into American law.

Then, after nearly a century of work, an improbable piece of legislation with a lot of heart behind it ended its journey on the President’s desk on March 23, 2010.

Since then, health reform in America has been the law of the land and after more than five years under this law 16.4 million Americans have gained health coverage. 129 million people who could have otherwise been denied or faced discrimination now have access to coverage. Health care prices have risen at the slowest rate in nearly 50 years. And it will live on as a legacy achievement not just of this administration, but of all those who fought for it for so many years.”

If you want to know ALL of what the law does, before maybe blindly agreeing with the GOP that it’s horrible just because Obama did it, READ HERE.

And that’s really all this boils down to — Republicans don’t want it, because they don’t want Obama to get credit for it. If they truly cared about Americans, they would implement the law properly in all 50 states, fix the parts that don’t work and expand the law, not repeal it. Instead, they want to repeal the law and implement their own, which in all honesty, doesn’t exist, and the parts that do echo the ACA. They didn’t implement it properly because they wanted it to look like a failure. Simply put, they want the legislative achievement, not Obama. They’re behaving like immature children and playing politics with people’s lives.

In addition, the reason costs go up in healthcare is because we still have a for profit system. Costs will always go up as long as that is the model we use. Want to lower costs and cover everyone? Implement Medicare for all. Simple as that.

Featured Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images