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This Trump State Literally Made It ILLEGAL To Care About The Environment; Here’s How (VIDEO)

Just when you thought the news coming out of Michigan couldn’t get worse after the state chose Donald Trump, the Republican leadership of the state is implementing their most bizarre new law yet — a ban on banning plastic bags.

That’s right, according to The Washington Post:

“Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley signed the new public act into law on Wednesday, along with 11 other bills. Gov. Rick Snyder is currently on vacation out of state, local news sources reported, and Calley has the authority to sign bills into law in his absence.”


“The new public act prohibits local ordinances from “regulating the use, disposition, or sale of, prohibiting or restricting, or imposing any fee, charge, or tax on certain containers,” including plastic bags, as well as cups, bottles and other forms of packaging. This means individual cities and municipalities are not allowed to ban plastic bags or charge customers a fee for using them.”

Elsewhere in the country, cities and local legislatures have been implementing laws that either do away with plastic bags or place a very small fee on using them which is passed to the consumer as a means to dissuade the usage of them as well as raise revenue.

According to scientific research we are overloading the earth with plastic, especially plastic bags and it is extremely harmful to the environment and wildlife.

According to

“Plastic bag litter is often also the result of human laziness.”

Which is really what it comes down to. Plastic bags are cheap, easy, and convenient for businesses and individual consumers. Unfortunately, all that comes at a cost that is far greater.

To be blunt, this ban on banning plastic bags is stupid. Really f*cking stupid, and those in Michigan should be embarrassed by their state leadership for being so f*cking stupid. They seem to want to make a bold statement that they’re truly a**holes who don’t give a damn about the environment. End of story.

Watch this video from NOW THIS for an explanation:

Featured Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images