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Paul Ryan Just Got Congressman’s Child GROUNDED After Taking Photo; Absolutely Heartless (IMAGE)

House Speaker Paul Ryan started his time in the 115th United States Congress with a bang – by getting a fellow lawmaker’s kid in trouble over a harmless dance move called “dabbing” while taking Congressional swearing in photos. Apparently, one of the children of Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall decided to do a move called “dabbing,” which is something lots of popular cultural figures, such as Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, have been doing all over television. So, obviously, kids are picking the move up.

When Marshall’s family stopped to take a picture with Ryan, the child was “dabbing.” Apparently, Ryan didn’t know what it was, and remarked:

“Do you want to put your hand down? Are you going to sneeze?”

When the photo was taken, the boy looked at Speaker Ryan and laughed in his face, and Ryan responded, “Don’t worry about it.”

Later, Rep. Marshall tweeted that he had grounded his kid for being cute in a photo:

Paul Ryan made reference to the incident in his own tweet:

It’s not the kid’s fault that Paul Ryan is a pop culture rube, and the only reason he was grounded was for embarrassing his father. This is ridiculous, and it shows that Paul Ryan is painfully out of tough with America’s youth – and that likely stretches to his own kids as well. God help the child of any GOP lawmaker in 2016.

Featured image via Olivier Douliery/Getty Images