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Rosie O’Donnell Breaks Her Silence, Begins 2017 With BRUTAL Attack On Trump (TWEETS)

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was riddled with Twitter feuds featuring practically any celebrity or media personality that dared to call him out or protest against him. One of the most infamous and frequent feuds that dominated Trump’s campaign was his ongoing clash with actress Rosie O’Donnell, whom Trump had fought with years ago and could never let it go.

If you thought Trump and O’Donnell had moved on now that he won the election (despite the fact that he definitely didn’t deserve to), this couldn’t be further from the truth. While there has recently been a rare period of silence between these two, O’Donnell is apparently ready to fight harder than ever to make Trump’s life hell, and she announced this publicly over Twitter to reignite their nasty Twitter attacks.

In a series of tweets, O’Donnell rang in the new year with her first tweets of 2017 by calling Trump “mentally unstable” and calling on Americans to somehow prevent him from replacing President Barack Obama later this month:




In her tweets, O’Donnell linked to a recent story about Trump kicking his former biographer off of his golf course because the biographer had the nerve to accurately report on the details of his divorce with Ivana Trump, who had accused Trump of raping her during their marriage.

Judging from O’Donnell’s latest tweets, the actress has every intention of getting under Trump’s skin again and wants to remind him that the majority of Americans definitely do not want him anywhere near the White House or President Barack Obama’s legacy. As Trump is absolutely incapable of letting any attack go without a response, we can only imagine that he will fire right back, and the Trump vs. O’Donnell feud will continue on for much longer.

Featured image via Cindy Ord and Mark Wilson / Getty Images