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Michael Moore PUMMELS ‘Lazy’ Media In Twitter Rant; Slams Inability To Honestly Report Trump (TWEETS)

After the Republicans in Congress tried to gut the Ethics Office, citizens from around the nation jammed the switchboard telling the GOP to stop trying to rig the game in their favor.

Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore was one of the first to point out that the people rising up against the powers that be actually worked! He tweeted:

However, the media is somehow saying that Trump is also against this action and seems to be giving credit to the president-elect, who tweeted:

However, if you read what he said, he agrees with Congressional Republicans in regards to this action. He said, “as unfair as it may be.” The only thing Trump is doing is saying to not make it their first priority. You know, because stripping health insurance from millions and giving the wealthy tax breaks should come first. THEN go after the watchdogs holding them accountable.

Again, Michael Moore was one of the first to notice this, tweeting out:

“Media pundits will credit Trump 4 Repubs backing down but he only questioned their timing & ONLY after the public flooded their switchboard.”

Then adding, including the false coverage of Trump and Ford:

“Media, get it right: Trump isn’t against gutting of EthicsOffice, just the “timing.”And Ford has NOT ended its pledge 2 build cars in Mexico.”

Nailing it home with this:

“Seriously- lazy, mainstream, celebrity-fawning, Trump-enabling media- do your job. It’s the 1st day of Congress & you haven’t changed a bit.”

The mainstream media isn’t doing their job when it comes to accurately reporting Trump.

Trump seems to be taking credit for things he didn’t do or were set in motion far before he was elected. Yet, the media is giving him credit where it does not belong.

Now, instead of crediting a large, motivated resistance against Trump and the GOP in stopping this Ethics Office action from going through, many are crediting Trump.

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Michael Moore is absolutely correct in his assessment of the mainstream media, and they need to start doing their job sooner rather than later.

Featured Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images For FYI