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Iconic Rocker Bruce Springsteen Goes After Trump’s Fitness For Office In EPIC Interview (DETAILS)

More than a few people, regardless of political affiliation, have questioned Donald Trump’s fitness for the office of the presidency. One such person is vocal progressive and iconic rock singer Bruce Springsteen. Campaigning for Hillary Clinton the night before the historic 2016 election, Springsteen warned of the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency. Now that this horror has become a reality, the rocker is speaking out again. Of Trump’s victory, Springsteen says:

“I’ve felt disgust before, but never the kind of fear that you feel now.”

“It’s as simple as the fear of, is someone simply competent enough to do this particular job? Do they simply have the pure competence to be put in the position of such responsibility?”

These remarks were part of a “WTF” podcast interview, and spoken to host Marc Maron. This isn’t the first time Springsteen has railed against Trump, either. He has, in the past, referred to the billionaire business mogul as a “moron,” and said Trump’s presidential run is “a tragedy for our democracy.”

Now that Donald Trump as president is a reality, Springsteen is doing his duty as a citizen and reminding us all that not everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic scumbag; that they voted for Trump not because of his open bigotry, but in spite of it. Never one to leave a stone unturned, though, Springsteen reminded everyone that, yes, there are genuinely frightened people, people who voted for Trump out of fear, but also “as well as people who had other agendas.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what those “other agendas” are.

All in all, Bruce Springsteen is right. Not every Trump supporter is a bigot. I’ve met quite a few who aren’t. However, I have to say that yes, if you were able to pull the lever for an open bigot, I have to wonder about your intelligence and you character, to hate Hillary Clinton so much that you’d vote for a clearly unqualified, racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic imbecile to lead the free world.

That says a whole hell of a lot more about you and your view of the world than it does any Clinton voter, and even Hillary yourself.

Enjoy the con, Trump voters. Too bad we all have to pay for it.

Featured image via Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images