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GOP Rep. Floats INSANE Conspiracy Theory About Russian Hacking, And Twitter Eats Him ALIVE (TWEETS)


Representative Steve King (R-IA) isn’t really known for having a strong grip on, well, pretty much anything. He’s a staunch Trump fan, however, and apparently he’ll defend Trump against any appearance at all of shadiness – shadiness such as ties to a foreign power that tried to influence our election.

To that end, King floated the most bizarre conspiracy theory about Russia hacking our election: The CIA, the NSA, and even the DNC did it, not Russia.

Seriously. He made that suggestion on Twitter. You can’t make this up.

That link in his tweet goes to this weird memorandum from veteran intelligence experts, who say that if Russia hacked the DNC, the NSA would have known because of the way data travels through the web and the way they collect data. As wonderful as this memo appears to be, it doesn’t actually seem to explain anything at all, and reads more like an attempt to discredit our intelligence community.

And somehow, King doesn’t believe a word of what’s actually going on, because it’s easier for people with limited intellectual capacities to believe in conspiracy theories than reality and the truth.

Twitter, for its part, isn’t having this. King is an embarrassment to us and everyone knows it:

Yeah. These about say it all. Go away, Congressman King. Now.

Featured image by Darren McCollester via Getty Images