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GOP HUMILIATED After Backlash, Withdraws Plan To Obliterate Ethics Office (TWEET)

We’re only three days into the new year, and the Republican Party has already begun to behave more erratically than ever thanks to the new President-elect. Yesterday, the GOP made a bold move by voting to end the independence of the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) with absolutely zero warning. With that move, the Republican Party was likely paving the way for more corruption under the incoming Trump administration and wanted to make it easier for The Donald to do their bidding.

However, most people saw right through this and appropriately called the Republican Party out. After receiving tons of backlash, Republicans in Congress have been forced to hang their heads and withdraw their plan to end the OCE. This is a truly humiliating move for the GOP, especially as a way to kick off the new year and incoming Republican-led presidency as their attempt to aide corruption turned into a public relations nightmare.

Washington Post reporter Robert Costa reported the GOP’s change of heart almost as soon as it happened:

To make this even more embarrassing for the Republican Party, Trump himself was one of the people that criticized the move. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday morning, Trump agreed that the OCE was “unfair” and that Republicans in Congress were justified in their desire to stop it, however the President-elect bashed them for making it such a priority and first order of business when there were more important matters at hand.

It wasn’t long after Trump’s criticism that the House GOP held an emergency meeting, unanimously voting to abandon the idea for now. Costa noted that several House Republicans aren’t giving the idea up, and aim to “return to the issue soon” after all the backlash and media attention has died down.

Featured image via Mark Wilson / Getty Images