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Twitter Smacks The Grin Off Trump’s Face After His Latest Narcissistic Hissy Fit (TWEETS)

Not a day goes by that we are free of having to deal with the President-elect tweeting something that not only embarrasses himself but the entire nation because of his position. On Monday, The Donald’s fingers vomited out yet another self-congratulatory rewriting of the past.

If you remember, Trump — until the moment he was elected was so sure he was going to lose that he informed everyone ad nauseam  that the election was rigged against him — was absolutely certain he was going to lose. This isn’t conjecture — he said it himself, very recently:

Trump says he booked a small ballroom for his post-election party  because he “really assumed” he had lost and that “if we’re going to lose, I don’t want a big ballroom.”

Nevertheless, The Donald decided to attack the media for quoting him.

“Various media outlets and pundits say that I thought I was going to lose the election. Wrong, it all came together in the last week and…..” he tweeted, adding (seven minutes later) that “I thought and felt I would win big, easily over the fabled 270 (306). When they cancelled fireworks, they knew, and so did I.”

According to CNN host Brian Stelter, this tweet seems to be a response to his comments on his show:

No matter where the remarks came from, The Donald once again has been caught lying in the easiest and oddly common way possible — a video of him making the remarks he denies making. And, of course, the internet responded in exactly the glorious manner one would expect:

The next four years are going to be agonizing. Not only will we have a President who tweets more about his feelings than a middle school student who “really gets” Dashboard Confessional and is sad because Susie said that she heard from Jan that Roger told James that John saw Lille and Jordan making out behind the bleachers, but he represents the absolute worst security risk imaginable, supports policies that can and likely will set America back tens of decades in terms of civil rights.

It’s fun to mock him, but we need to do more. Be sure to spend the nest four years opposing him in every way. Remind yourself that “this is normal” — because it isn’t, and the moment we treat it as though it is, Trump wins. Hate wins. And given recent revelations that Putin was directly behind the hack of our elections, I guess Russia wins too.

Featured image via Getty Images (Win McNamee)/screengrab