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Stephen King Just Called Trump Stupid In The Best Way Possible (TWEET)

A lot of people over the course of the presidential election have pointed out that Donald Trump is inept and not at all capable of being President of the United States because he has none of the necessary experience. And while these people are correct, others also pointed out a reason that concerns them regarding Trump’s behavior. No, not his constant anger and fragile ego, but rather his seeming inability to laugh.

Think about it — when have you seen Trump laugh at something? He may smirk or offer a smile that looks barely genuine, but as far as a sense of humor, it doesn’t really seem to be there.

One person who noticed this very attribute is none other than the brilliant and legendary author Stephen King.

King took to Twitter and wrote:

“One remarkable difference between Obama and Trump: the latter seems to have absolutely no sense of humor. The clearest sign of a dull mind.”

Which can be seen in a few different ways. A dull mind can be seen as one that can’t see outside the box and is rigid in it’s capacity for a sense of any form of emotion. Nor capable of being creative with creative solutions.

It can also be seen that King just called Trump stupid. That the president-elect can’t seem to wrap his head around much of anything to even see the humor in one thing or another.

Either way, it seems to be very true. Trump not laughing is concerning on multiple levels. While sure, being president is a very serious job and not at all a laughing matter, it’s important to have the ability to wrap your head around notions and think outside the box which he hasn’t showed he’s capable of doing.

It’s hard to trust someone who doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor, and yes it’s also the “clearest sign of a dull mind.”

Featured Photo by Larry French/Getty Images