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BREAKING: Trump’s Secret Service PANICS, Evacuates Trump Tower Over Bag Of Toys (DETAILS)

It was a terrifying scene at Trump Tower on Tuesday afternoon after authorities saw a “suspicious package” and incited a panic, evacuating a building taxpayers inexplicably pay to protect despite its distance from Washington, D.C.

CNN reports that The Donald’s golden tower was cleared out after someone saw a bag on the ground and panicked, sending people running for their lives like their was an actual threat. Twitter user @ceilo_celest posted video of people running for shelter as police yell “Out, out!”

Contrary to Cielo’s conjecture, President-elect Pussygrabber was in Florida tweeting about how he actually beat President Obama in the election.

After the panic they and the Secret Service set off in defense of a building for which voters should not be providing round-the-clock protection anyway, the NYPD finally tweeted out an “all-clear,” explaining that the backpack full of children’s toys was “safe.”

The Secret Service presence at Trump Tower is presenting a huge problem both for residents of the area and for local businesses. Residents say that it is hard to do much as leave the house, while those who work in the area say it is difficult for customers to get in thanks to the White House-level security taxpayers are providing Trump (or as advertising for Trump Tower says, the “new aminity [sic]” provided to renters on taxpayers’ dime).

For at least the next four years, residents and local business owners will have to deal with a swarm of law enforcement and Secret Service every time someone jumps at their own shadow as we saw today. If we ever need a very real example of how someone is hurt by a Trump presidency outside all of the obvious factors, we need look no further than the immediate area surrounding his Mighty Tower.

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