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MSNBC Hosts STUNNED As Analyst Reveals Russia’s Plan For Trump (VIDEO)

While Donald Trump seems to be settling deep into his bromance with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, a Russian analyst has just shocked everyone by revealing the truth behind Putin’s fondness of the unqualified President-elect.

An entire MSNBC panel was left stunned after Russia expert Nina Khrushcheva explained that Putin has zero intention of actually being allies with Trump – he is merely using the approval-hungry business mogul as a means to get what he wants. In a discussion about a praise-heavy letter Putin had just sent to Trump, Khrushcheva told host Sheinelle Jones and the rest of the panel that Trump was playing “right into Putin’s hands” by returning the praise. Khrushcheva said:

“I was just in Moscow and the Russians are saying ‘Look at those fools, look at their their democracy.’ Absolutely. ‘How could America lecture us on any development, institutions, human rights, democracy, rhetoric when they just elected Donald Trump. He’s such a fool. He’s such a bully. That’s what America deserves and we’re going to take advantage of it.’ And that’s how Russians feel about it, and now it’s taking shape with letters from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump with their exchange on potential nuclear armament and whatnot.”

Intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance jumped in and agreed with Khrushcheva, stating that the weird relationship between Trump and Putin would definitely get in the way of the investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election, all because Trump is so easy to bait and fool. Nance said:

“I don’t think there will be any accountability with the regards of the Russian hacking against the DNC or even violating the entirety of the U.S. electoral process. He has benefited from that. He’s going to shut down any investigation if it implicates him or his campaign.”

Nance backed up Khrushcheva’s claims that America now looks foolish because of the President-elect’s stupidity:

“However, Nina is right. We are being played as fools by a spymaster-in-chief, a former KGB officer, Director of Russian Intelligence. He’s laughing at us in his letters which stroke Donald Trump. ‘His excellency!’ We haven’t had a letter like that in the United States since King George III. As long as Trump is manipulated, Russia and China will take our market share from the international markets out there, and the United States will be relegated to a third class country.”

While many of us may have suspected that Putin is merely playing with Trump, this possibility becomes more terrifying when it’s being confirmed by an expert.

You can watch the shocking interview below via MSNBC:

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images