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Trump Tells World He’s Literally Going Nuclear In INSANE Tweet; Twitter Eats Him Alive (TWEETS)

You know that big, red, the-whole-world-becomes-a-nuclear-wasteland button everyone was afraid of Trump having access to once he was elected? Well, it seems that button just got a whole lot scarier when one considers his eagerness to spike that nuclear football so hard that the NFL fines him, coupled with one of his latest tweets.

On Thursday, The Donald said that the United States needs to increase its nuclear arsenal to show the world that nuclear weapons are bad, or something:

In the time leading up to the election, Trump made it very clear that he intends to use nuclear weapons when he asked “why are we making them” if we don’t want to use them? In an interview later in the year, Trump explained that you want to be “unpredictable” with nuclear weapons.

Now, of course, he wants us to make more.

Naturally, the folks who saw this tweet were quick to kick Trump in the jaw so hard that Vladimir Putin was reported to be seen holding a bag of ice to his crotch (give it a minute, you’ll get it):


Donald Trump having access to the nuclear codes is scary enough — but this is a man whose tiny little finger is itching to push the button. And he now has the power to do so.

Featured image via Getty Images (Joe Raedle)/screengrab