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A&E Gets HAMMERED For Giving The KKK Its Own Racist Reality Show (TWEETS)

Groups like the Ku Klux Klan have, in recent history, been on the fringes of society, shunned by any decent person who opposes hate and domestic terrorism. However, since Donald Trump chose to run a racist campaign that emboldened white supremacists of many stripes, that disturbing ideology has made it into the mainstream. What is even worse, though, is that television network A&E has decided to glorify this nonsense by launching a reality television show called Generation KKK.

Supposedly, the show will give an inside look at the Klan, and what life is like when one belongs to a group of people whose main purpose in life is hating others. Of course, this didn’t sit well with the interwebs, and the tweets against A&E’s decision came swift and hard. Here are just a few:

This is absolutely unacceptable. While there were some folks who said to give them a chance, that maybe the message isn’t one of glorifying hate, but of exposing it, there’s definitely a better way to do it than by giving these cretins a reality show. The statement from A&E on the show argues just that, via the network’s Executive Vice President, Michael Sharenow:

“I really think the message of anti-hate is important, timeless and moral. I fear that people will some way think that it’s a political statement—though [the election] is part of the backdrop of the show. We were filming during the campaign, but that’s not what drove our interest. I have concerns that people will put a wall up, thinking it’s a political statement—which it isn’t.”

If you cannot understand how absolutely unacceptable and offensive this is, I can’t help you. You want to give hate groups a platform? Fine. You have the right to do that. That is the beauty of freedom. However, we have the same right to speak out against it.

Take a hike, A&E. Prepare to face the worst boycott of the history of your sorry-ass network.

Here is the video trailer for the show:

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