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Even FOX NEWS Hammers Reince Priebus For Parroting Russian Lies; NO ONE Believes Him (VIDEO)

With only 24 hours to go before US electors cast the final vote for president, Donald Trump’s team is still in full denial about the events that led to his election. Reince Priebus, the incoming administration’s head of staff, talked with Chris Wallace on Fox Sunday about Trump’s continued denial of Russian hacks. Even Fox News is shocked by Trump’s insistence¬†on Putin’s version of events rather than the consensus view among the intelligence community.

Priebus continued to delegitimize  the intelligence communities findings, saying over and over that Trump would accept it if both the CIA and FBI had the same message. Of Course, Wallace made no effort to correct him. Over the last few days the FBI has released their own message confirming that the Russians hacked US servers in order to install Trump as the next president.

The two talked about actual fantasy as Priebus feigned ignorance and Wallace didn’t correct him. He did of course point out how strange it was for the administration to favor the Russian view over the intelligence provided by the CIA. But he neglected on several occasions to correct him when he claimed Trump was waiting to hear James Comey and the FBI to weigh in. You can only get so much journalism it seems from Fox even when the lies being exposed are so blatant.

Instead, Priebus was allowed to talk at length about conspiracy theories; claiming that Democrats and the Obama administration were somehow responsible for the CIA findings and outright denying that the FBI findings even existed. Wallace even agreed that there was “no evidence” that James Comey’s last minute letter about new Clinton emails had an effect on the election. In fact, Nate Silver America’s most prominent pollster claims that the opposite is true.

It remains to be seen whether Trump’s denial of the facts in terms of his own election as well as his troubling ties to Vladimir Putin will actually be addressed by the American political system. With multiple, high level, Republican Congressmen calling for an in depth investigation into the hacks, Trump is by no means completely out of the woods. Even on Fox – the go to safe space for Trump’s administration – some major questions about the legitimacy of Trump’s win are being raised.

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