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BREAKING: Thousands Protesting At Unity Vigils On Eve Of Electoral College (IMAGES)

On the eve of likely one of the most unprecedented and important elections of our lifetime, protesters are gathering nationwide to push Electors of the Electoral College to do the right thing and make sure Donald Trump does not become the 45th President of the United States.

Here are just a few of the protests taking place:

It is the solemn duty of the Electors as prescribed in Federalist 68 by Alexander Hamilton that they make sure a person who is unfit for the office of the presidency not be allowed to take office. It is one of the key reasons the Electoral College was put in place.

And knowing that there may be a $1000 fine for all electors who choose to save the Republic from Donald Trump, award-winning filmmaker and activist Michael Moore is offering to pay all fines incurred.

Electors must do as our founders intended and send the vote to the House for a compromise candidate that will not be a threat to our nation and the world.

Donald Trump cannot be allowed to get anywhere near the Oval Office for the good of all humankind.

To learn more about saving our Democracy visit:

And for Electors unsure of the legal ramifications of voting their conscience, go here:

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