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Alec Baldwin Wins MAJOR Award For This Impression That Keeps The Donald Up At Night (VIDEO)

One of the few high points of the election season has been Alec Baldwin’s spot-on impression of Donald Trump. And This week’s SNL Cold Open skit did not disappoint.

Here’s This Weeks SNL Cold Open With Alec Baldwin As Trump:

This was the 7th installment of Baldwin’s impression, including 4┬áskits prior to election night and 3 depicting the incoming president struggling with his new duties post election. Most recently, the impression won Baldwin a Critic’s Choice Award for ‘Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series.’ Which makes Trump’s resounding theme – that the impression isn’t that good – an even harder line to draw. In fact, in the 16 hours since the skit aired Donald Trump hasn’t even responded on Twitter.

But before you assume that this is Trump finally stepping into his role as President and taking some time off from being Twitter’s biggest troll, remember that he’s still on Twitter everyday spewing hate. Just yesterday he suggested out of spite that we ought to tell China to “just keep” the multi million dollar research vessel they confiscated. So he clearly hasn’t grown up any.

Together, the collection of Alec Baldwin’s skits about Donald Trump paint a devastating, though accurate, picture of our next president. He’s depicted as an idiot, a traitor, a sexual predator and as wildly impulsive. It’s not that far from the truth actually; just more amusing.

Here Are The Other Two Post Election Skits:

The Trump/Baldwin Feud

Something about Baldwin’s impression of Trump seems to get under our next president’s skin. In addition to his statements on Twitter, Trump also said on the Today show that he thought the impression as well as the show were simply not funny and that he expected the show not to last much longer. As with most things, Trump’s words are blatant misrepresentations of reality. The show has seen considerable increases in both viewership and ratings throughout the period that Baldwin has guest starred as Trump.

Baldwin in response has said that he’ll stop doing his impersonation if Trump releases his tax returns. Combined with his brand new Critic’s Choice Award and record SNL ratings perhaps Trump is too afraid to take on an emboldened Baldwin for a second round. SNL will return on January 14th, presumably with Baldwin still playing Trump. Hollywood Reporter claims he has agreed to continue the part all season. If that’s the case it shouldn’t be long before we see another Twitter meltdown about how unfunny and unfair SNL is.

Featured Image via Michael Loccisano/Getty