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Trump Supporter GOES OFF On Black Comedian, Claims He’s ALLOWED To Be Racist Now (DETAILS)

Donald Trump’s transition team likes to insist that Trump and everyone around him disavows bigotry in all its forms. However, this is simply not true. Trump has time to aggressively tweet against everyone and everything that dares to criticize him, from the cast of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, to the Saturday Night Live portrayal of him by actor Alec Baldwin. However, he never, EVER tweets against his white supremacist followers. Therefore, his silence is  pretty much a quite endorsement of their abhorrent behavior. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we have yet another incident of a Trump supporter saying that Trump’s victory means that open racism is now A-Okay in America again, with approval straight from the future occupant of the Oval Office.

Jon Laster is a black comedian, and on Wednesday night he had a gig at Chelsea, Manhattan’s Gotham Comedy Club. Laster says that he was at the bar in the club after his set, and a middle-aged white man approached him, saying, “Man you were really funny, and you’re black!” The man continued:

“Since Trump won the election, there’s a lot America needs to reconsider. We need to put that ‘politically correct’ stuff to bed; now I should be able to call you ‘n-word.’”

Laster later said he wished he had decked the guy. He also cited a deeper problem amongst Trump supporters: That they are not just typical southern racists. They are everywhere, even in blue state strongholds like the middle of Manhattan – and even in the gayest district in the city, Chelsea:

“These type[s] of Trump peeps are here in Manhattan, Williamsburg, in comedy clubs and on comedy stages.”

It’s true. Racism isn’t a southern problem, or a fringe problem. It’s an American problem, and the racists are out in the open now, because they feel emboldened by the racist campaign that the orange moron-elect ran.

What is really tragic, though, is that Laster says he cannot resist, that he does not possess “the energy or the desire to spend every weekend in jail,” and nor does he have the desire to “feel this mistrust of white comrades either.”

Clearly, both are admirable reasons for Laster to swear off politically charged humor when it comes to his comedy sets. He says of the decision:

“It’s just not worth it. I don’t want to throw barbs out there, pissing people off without really adding anything to the conversation.”

It’s a damn shame that this experience made Jon Laster feel this way, but I certainly respect his reasons for making it. It’s all the more reason for the rest of us to resist, though – to resist Trump, his bigotry, and the ignorance and hate he has unleashed that will, if left to fester and grow unchecked, take American back to the days of Jim Crow.

Featured image via screen capture via YouTube